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Poh Lai Lim

lpl Poh Lai is a Singaporean artist who has been practising for the past decade, and has participated in many art exhibitions, including the prestigious President’s Charity Art Exhibition in 1997. He won several prizes and awards in art competitions over the years in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2004, he gained a direct entry to second year of BA (Hons) Fine Arts programme at Falmouth College of Arts in UK, and graduated in July 2006. His three-month long artist residency at Cite Internationale Des Arts in Paris in 2003 has indeed helped him to learn more about European lifestyle, arts and cultures. Poh Lai said ‘My sojourn in Paris was an eye opener and memorable event in my life’. His direct experience with different cultures has broadened his horizons and perspectives. Not only Paris, but Cornwall, has also been a source of inspiration to his painting development. In artistic development, he has moved from one subject to another, either through a conscious decision or due to the sudden dawning of insight. He is a very versatile artist who has also developed his own styles on street scene series and figurative works.

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