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qee Rachav Klauman, an artist for 30 years, has never been satisfied with the conventional. Constantly pushing paint beyond what paint is intended to do, Rachav uses a laboratory of 'secret' catalysts to form and transform visual, special effects in her works. Rachav's nieces, who are amazed at her extraordinary uses for ordinary substances, once asked what she was going to do with the handful of ice they saw her quickly grab from the freezer. After a hardy laugh Rachav replied, "I'm thirsty, and I'm going to have some ice water!" Working in various mediums, she will occasionally paint a 'straight' oil or acrylic-but chances are, she didn't resist the temptation of splashing on one of her 'secret' ingredients. Refusing to duplicate anything-All of her her is one~of~a~kind.

General Information

This artist is likely inactive on SITO. The last time they did anything here was 2006-05-27.
If they have given an email address, it may be out-of-date and invalid.


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LOCATION: United States


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Rachav has 17 works total in the Artchive. They are organized into tag categories you see listed below. Some works appear in multiple categories.

abstract: 14painting: 12imagination: 11dream: 11fantasy: 10mystical: 5illustration: 5sculpture: 4primary: 4carving: 4sunset water: 3religion: 3red: 3black & white: 3temple: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2sculpture: 2ocean: 2jerusalem: 2israel: 2yellow: 1wood: 1wine country: 1villas: 1tuscan: 1stone: 1portrait: 1ochre: 1music: 1ming dynasty: 1kotel: 1judaica: 1jewel tones: 1guitar: 1ghost: 1geisha: 1flora: 1crown: 1beach: 1animal: 1Minimalist: 1Italy: 1Chinese: 1

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