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Domenic Ali


my digital collage work began on a whim in june 1995 when i bought a computer, a scanner, and imaging software to explore computer based art. while i have never studied the arts or pursued training in this field, the digital environment has provided me with a very friendly and accessible space to visually develop my ideas. typically i begin an artwork by appropriating 3D objects and pictures that attract my eye -- some from magazines and art books, some from small items i find lying around the house or on the street -- and scan them. i then place the scanned images onto a "digital canvas" and, if all goes well, they collectively suggest some fragmented narrative which i selectively amplify using traditional compositional methods. i am especially fascinated by our human desire to impose stories on our surroundings and, in the process, construct hermeneutic structures that provide us the illusion of an objectively meaningful world. my artwork has been significantly influenced by dada and surrealism, chaos theory, and contemporary psychoanalytic thought.

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