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Lisa Marie Brewer

Lisa Marie Brewer is a wife of 13 years, and mother to 5 children, is an artist of many mediums and is working hard to become an artist that you may hear of within the art community. Her desire is to have her name known for artworks that express who individuals are, inside and out. Lisa Marie Brewer picked up a pencil at the age of 12 then started drawing from the "Sunday comics", and she has continued to draw and create art ever since. Lisa Marie Brewer wasn't sure what she wanted to do in her future. However, when her high school art instructor, Mr. Ivonovich, took notive in her art and stated, "You have a talent for seeing beyond the image that you are drawing. You also have the talent to create artwork that people could relate to on a more personal level.", was all Lisa Marie Brewer needed to decide art was in her future plans. After high school Lisa Marie Brewer studied Commercial Art for 2 1/2 years before more personal priorities took over. Lisa Marie Brewer hopes to finish her degree sometime in the future. Lisa Marie Brewer has spent the last couple of years learning the ins-and-outs of web site design. She has also created a large body of art work consisting of paintings and sketches, which have been used as the base to many of her digital art works.

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