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Alessa Vasco

Alessa Vasco was born in Brazil, and through childhood and adolescence developed a talent for art. From an early age she has been accorded awards at state and national level in her home country, receiving prizes from the Ministry of Education and Pele. Her conventional artistic education came at the hands of Japanese artist Fujimoro, and her oil paintings were recognized at a special presentation by Brazilian artist and cartoonist Mauricio de Souza. Alessa Vasco has travelled extensively throughout the Americas and Europe, and has developed her talent for creating her own colours and textures. Her more recent works have been shown in Brazil and used by interior designers. Her work has been sold extensively in Brazil, Chile and to a smaller extent in Spain. Alessa also took on specialized projects for specific situations, providing artistic flair to create modern living spaces. Having moved back to England in 2002, a country she knows well from a five year sojourn in the 80's, she is working on stronger colour sets and new materials to provide greater depth to her paintings. She is currently concentrating on a collection with influences from stylized natural themes and abstracts.

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