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Hendrik Arie Baartman

Hendrik Arie Baartman 1973-2007 1973 Gallery 111 Groningen Netherlands. Gallery Columbus Groningen Netherlands. Gallery 4th Dimension St.Niklaas Belgium. Gallery Rheim Dusseldorf Germany. Gallery Mangelgang Groningen Netherlands. Gallery dárt contemporain Paris, France. Gallery Geometrics, Turin, Italy. 1974 Museum of Zeeland Middelburg Netherlands. Gallery The Meathall Middelburg Netherlands. Art from Zeeland Rotterdam Netherlands. Gallery Plan Knokke Belgium. Gallery Muhlen Gutersloh Germany. Gallery Min. of Planning Den Haag Netherlands. Bree Art Gallery Middelburg Netherlands. Gallery Diogenes, Bielefeld, Germany. 1975 Culture Center of Zeeland Middelburg Netherlands. Gallery De Witte Voet Amsterdam Netherlands. Gallery Plan with Vasarely Knokke Belgium. Gallery Min. of Culture Den Haag Netherlands. WorldArt Center BreeArt Middelburg Netherlands. Traveling Exhibition Province of Zeeland Netherlands. Gallery Culture center, Hasselt, Belgium. 1976 Fifth British International Print Biennale Bradford England. International Print Biennale Krakow Polonia. Townhall Hengelo Netherlands. World exhibition of Drawings New York U.S.A Townhall Gallery Emmeloord Netherlands. Gallery Langhuis Zwolle Netherlands. 2nd international exhibition of prints, Krakow, Poland. 1977 Traveling Exhibition province of Overijssel Netherlands. International Biennale of Drawings Cleveland England. Townhall Gallery Noordoostpolder Netherlands. Gallery Bree Art Center Middelburg Netherlands. Gallery Govaerts Breda Netherlands. Gallery Images dart, Cadiz, Spain. 1978 Exposition Grafischen Kabinett Lunen Germany. Gallery Braiseworth Eye England. Gallery Haddington Norwich England. 2nd world exhibition of mathematical art, Braiseworthgallery, Eye, England. Gallery Cultural Center Deventer, Netherlands. Gallery Angelica, Bari, Italy. Gallery Geometric, Paris, France. 1979 Gallery Braiseworth House Eye England. Gallery Norden Norden Germany. Townhall Gallery Zutphen Netherlands. Group exhibition Town hall Enschede, Netherlands. Groupexibition Kinetics, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1980 Westleton Art gallery Westleton England. Gallery WorldArt Groningen Netherlands. Gallery van Reekum Apeldoorn Netherlands. Gallery am ufer, West Berlin, Germany. 1981 Exhibition De Ploeg Groningen Netherlands. Exhibition of Sculptures Groningen Netherlands. Exhibition of Drawings Veendam Netherlands Gallery Bree Art Center, Bedum, Netherlands.. 1982 Exhibition of Prints Groningen Netherlands. Exhibition 75 Years De Ploeg Groningen Netherlands. Gallery Norden Norden Germany. Exhibition Objects Groningen Netherlands. Exhibition of small drawings Eye England. 1983 Exhibition A-Kerk, Groningen, Netherlands. Exhibition Drawings and Collage, Veendam, Netherlands. Grafimathematiek, Bedum, Netherlands. Drawings Miniature, Groningen, Netherlands. Gallery space, Toronto, Canada. 1984 Objectenpark Sculptures, Stadskanaal, Netherlands. Museum of Modern Art, Mons, Belgium. Gallery Farmyard, Bedum, Netherlands. Galeria Bonneaire, Madrid, Spain. 1985 Photo Exhibition Groningen Netherlands. Exhibition Geometric Art Drachten Netherlands Gallery Artplace Hasselt Belgium. Gallery Magellan, Laos, Nigeria. 1986 Grafimathematica Emmeloord Netherlands. Photo Exhibition Oostburg Netherlands. Museum Collection Groningen Netherlands. GKK Art Groningen Netherlands. Exhibition of Drawings Veendam Netherlands. 1988 Exhibition Drawings and Objects Emmeloord Netherlands. Exhibition of Drawings Enkhuizen Netherlands. Exhibition with Appel, Struyken, Citroen etc, Zwolle Netherlands. Gallery Rudder, Groningen, Netherlands. 1989 Objects Park ‘Schokland’ Noordoostpolder Netherlands. Spring Salon Lelystad Netherlands. Exhibition of KVF art society Almere-Lelystad Netherlands. Exhibition of Objects Almere Netherlands. Art Fair A-6 Biddinghuizen Netherlands. Art manifestation Groningen Netherlands. 1990 Exhibition ‘The Time’ Bussum Netherlands. Educational Exhibition Biddinghuizen Netherlands. Exhibition ‘Shelter’ Bussum Netherlands. 1991 Collection Museum of Zeeland Middelburg Netherlands. Exhibition Collection of the province of Zeeland Netherlands. 20 Years of ‘Grafimathematica’ Biddinghuizen Netherlands. Gallery Ziebirsky, Krakow, Poland. 1992 Exhibition ‘Grafimathematica’ Dronten Netherlands. Exhibition ‘Perception’ Borne Netherlands. Exhibition of Objects Bussum Netherlands. Gallery Vogels, Cologne, Germany. 1993 Exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’ Kampen Netherlands. Art of Zwolle Vologda Russia. Exhibition ‘Perception’ Lelystad Netherlands. Gallery Existence, Zwolle, Netherlands. 1994 Mondriaan Exhibition Den Haag Netherlands. Mondriaan Expo Zwolle-Lekkerkerk-Lelystad Netherlands. 1995 Gallery Bax Sneek Netherlands. Spring Salon Lelystad Netherlands. 1996 Unilever Building Gallery Rotterdam Netherlands. Traveling Exhibition ‘To mad for Eye’s’ Netherlands. 1997 WMO Building Metamorphosis on year Zwolle Netherlands. Educational Exhibition Deventer Netherlands. WorldArt Center MidlandArt Center Zwolle Netherlands. 1998 Gallery peter Bax Sneek Netherlands. Exhibition Broerenkerk Zwolle Netherlands. International Exhibition World Art center. Gallery Koert&Koert Elsloo Netherlands. Exhibition Esilon factory Zevenaar Netherlands. 1999 WorldArt Center Exhibition. International Exhibition WWW. Galllery ‘Online Art”. 2000 Collection Museum of Zwolle Netherlands. Galeria DÁrte Zero Barcelona Spain. Exhibition ‘Art for Art’ Barcelona Spain. Exhibition ‘Contrasts’ Amsterdam Netherlands. 2001 Museum of Computer Art New York U.S.A. Exhibition ‘New Works’ Kampen Netherlands. Gallery van Koert&Koert Elsloo Netherlands. Exhibition Midland Art Center Zwolle Netherlands. 2002 Exhibition wacmac. from Holland Moscow Art Fair Moscow Russia. Exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’WorldArtCenter Netherlands. Internet Exhibition Art Gallery Hamburg Germany Gallery Mossworld Cadiz Spain 2003 Gallery Mosta Rojas Buenos Aires Argentina. (First Prize Winner Digital Art 2003) Exhibition ‘Secret Postcards’ Philadelphia U.S.A. Bkk Exhibition Berlin, Germany. Insight Gallery Norwich, England. Fourth International Digital art Expo Havanna Cuba. 2th BKK Exhibition, Berlin, Germany. 5th International exhibition, “the four elements”, Ferrara, Italy. 6th Internet Exhibition Wacmac Netherlands. 4th International Biennale, Florence, Italy. 2004 World exhibition Wacmac Digital Art. Zwolle. Netherlands. Batik Art Group, “Dali’s 100 Year Celebration”, Barcelona, Spain. Art Gallery Tedopres, Tilburg, Netherlands. Gallery Saxman, Clearwater, USA. Period Gallery, Spiritual 7 International Exhibition, Lincoln, USA Gallery Mosta Rojas “on the Internet”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Art wanted gallery on the internet 2004. 2005 7th International Digital art exhibit, Havana, Cuba. “Summer 2005”, Barcelona, Spain. 17th June – 8th July. Art Domain Gallery, Leipzig, Germany. Timeless exhibit, Zwolle, Netherlands. Touring exhibition “united art-against poverty”, Germany. Espacio de arte Madrid, expo 2005 Dronten Web 2005 Period Gallería, Internet exhibición. Absolute Arts on the Internet 2005. Abs art gallery on the internet 2005. Art Gallery Hamburg on the Internet 2005. Grand Sterling Shopping mall gallery 2005. 2006 Touring exhibition “united art-against poverty”, Germany. Galerie Boehner, Mannheim, Germany. March 06 – Aug. 06 Muestra the International of Art - Venado Tuerto 2006 – ARGENTINA “Ancient Palaces”, Acquasparta 2006, Terni, Italy. House of the rising star exhibition, Zwolle, Netherlands. Gallery Mosta Rojas “on the Internet”, Buenos Aires, Argentina Grand Sterling Shopping mall gallery, USA 2006. Absolute Arts on the Internet 2005. 7th Internet Exhibition Wacmac Netherlands. Art Gallery Hamburg on the Internet 2006. 2007 Touring exhibition “united art-against poverty”, Germany. Gallery Mosta Rojas “on the Internet”, Buenos Aires, Argentina House of the rising star, exhibition, Zwolle, Netherlands. Grand Sterling Shopping mall USA gallery 2007 Absolute Arts on the Internet 2007 Exhibition Midland Art Center, Zwolle, Netherlands. Art Galerie Artou, Berlin, Germany. Artifolio Gallery on the Internet Gallery Myartprofile on the Internet 2007. Gallery Artezz on the Internet 2007. Braiseworth House, Art Gallery, Wietmarschen, Germany. The firstdigitalartmuseumnetherlands, Ruekel, Germany. World Art Centre, Internet exhibition. Internet Gallery Artolive, Netherlands, 2007. Art wanted gallery on the internet, USA, 2004. Internet Art Gallery Fineartamerica, USA, 2007. Internet Art Gallery Viddysarts, India, 2007. Internet Art Gallery Beepworld, Germany, 2007. Exhibition Art Gallery Artelista on the internet, 2007.

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