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Bernard Dumaine

I am a painter working with tradional or digital mediums, my favourite one remaining the pencil ; Since the year of 1977, I did a lot of personal and group exhibitions, first local and then international since 2003 .

I won twice the first prize at MOCA - Museum Of Computer Art - digital art contest in 2003 and 2004. In 2004, I had twelve works published in "Digital art for the 21st Century", by J. grant and A. Visnyauskas ; more works were published in 2005 in "Metamorphosis" by Jon Beinart ;

Else, I enjoy a lot making Surrealist collaborations with international artists, you can see them on my Deviantart pages as well as many more of my own pictures ...

I am creating actually some short surrealist animations, you can check them out at Channel 53

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