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BeBe Williams


Bebe is a multimedia artist/cartoonist from the gallery scene. Brody's Gallery in Washington, DC featured his solo exhibition of over 300 works in the month between a Sue Coe solo show and an exhibition of comic artists from RAW magazine. Winner of a Xeric Foundation Award, Bebe is now publishing his own photo-comic book entitled "Bobby Ruckers." (subtitled "performance art funnies'). Bobby is also a regular feature in Strange Magazine. Williams is author and inventor of a bonafied Time Travel method published in a booklet entitled "Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers." Get your copy by sending an E-mail request to Bobby Ruckers is available by sending $2.95 per copy or $18.00 for a six issue subscription to Art Comics, PO Box 3596, Arlington, VA 22203. Home page coming. Anyone can download these images, stretch them, kill them, but if you want to publish them, give me a call at (703) 920-2436.

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