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Robby Berry


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About Rob Berry:

My full name, as it appears on my birth certificate, is Robby Alyn Berry. I was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, on November 23, 1970. I am married to Adrienne Elizabeth Berry; we were married on May 23, 1992. My son, Jonathan Creighton Berry, was born on August 3rd, 1995. Currently, I live in Worthington, Ohio. You can learn a bit more about me by visiting my Info Page.

I am interested in computer graphics in general, and I have a special love for images and animations produced with fractal techniques, particle systems, L-systems and genetic algorithms. I think of myself not so much as an artist but as an explorer. I like to write programs which will generate virtual worlds whose structure is not entirely predictable by me. Then I go exploring in the new world until I find something interesting. The images and animations I upload represent some of the interesting places and entities that I've discovered.

My answer to the question, "What is art?" is "What kind of stupid question is that?" This isn't meant to be flippant; I only mean to point out the uselessness of asking. Do you enjoy looking at a painting? Then look at it. Do you like listening to a certain genre of music? Then listen. Do you like dancing, or sculpting, or cooking, or ray-tracing? Then dance, sculpt, cook and trace to your heart's content. If you enjoy creating or experiencing something, why worry about whether or not somebody else is going to consider it "art"? Unless you're applying for a grant, the question is utterly unimportant.

So what artists inspire me? I like M. C. Escher's images for their mathematical elegance and paradoxical quirkiness. I like H. R. Giger's images for their complexity and their fusion of the organic and the mechanical. I like Impressionist paintings, which are really early examples of ray tracing on a nonuniform grid. I like the organic "virtual sculptures" of William Latham. I like Karl Sims' work with genetic algorithms and artificial life, which is both technically and aesthetically fascinating. I like the work of Salvador Dali, because I don't do drugs and his paintings are the only way I can experience hallucinations. I like Ken Musgrave's work with fractal modelling for its attention to detail. And I enjoy the raytraced images of SITO's own Marius Watz.


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