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Christopher Robin Blum


Last Updated: 11/12/97

Like most artists I've been drawn to art since childhood, unlike most artist I had to wait until I was in my early twenties before my passion for creating art could be fulfilled. My Aunt and adopted Grandmother are both accomplished artists so from childhood I had access to different styles of art, print media, sculpture and painting. Unfortunately while I had access to all of these different styles of art I had talent in none of least to my standards.

College changed all of that. I took a full course load the first semester that included a computer programming course and a black and white photography class. Windows had just come out and with it most of what used to be Apple only programs, most notably Adobe Photoshop moved over to the PC. Since I had a PC for my programming I began to experiment with Photoshop and some of my photography class projects. I soon learned that almost everything that I could do in the darkroom could be done easier and faster in the digital realm, I was hooked! I then decided that I really didn't want to create accounting software for the rest of my life (which is what I was heading for as a programmer) and began focusing more and more on combining photography and digital technology.

For the past seven years I've been developing my personal style of digital photo-manipulation. During that time I've had several gallery shows, been published in NetGuide magazine and have created two CD covers. I've recently added web page design to my "what I know how to do" collection. Next will be 3-D design and animation. I love the process of creating and armed with my camera and computer I plan on finding new and unique ways of adding my vision to the world around me.

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NOTES AND PERMISSIONS! All works © Christopher Robin Blum. You may freely distribute any image/digital file here in electronic form (except as part of an electronic publication, CD-ROM) as long as the image is used only for non-commercial use!


and No prints without prior permission. PLEASE NOTE! I have intentionally degraded the resolution of all of my images displayed here on Otis. All of my images are for sale and if you would like to purchase a print I will be happy to make a copy of your desired image from the original / higher resolution master file. Smaller prints are output as Dye-sublimation,

Large format prints are output as ciba-chrome photographs.


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