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C. A. Merriman



Here lies a nice little Macromind projector
animation of the rise and vanishing of carhenge. All that you need to do to
view the animation is: Own a Macintosh color computer with at least 4MB RAM,
Binhex4.0 to MAC, then simply double click on the projector icon.
Shot on location in Alliance NE with a Hasselblad 503CX, 80mm
f2.8, TMAX 100, printed on AGFA portriga 118, hand colored with
Marshalls photo oils, rephotographed to Fuji velvia 35mm, then
finally scanned with a Nikon slide scanner (poor resolution...
not the scanners fault, but the scanee), cut up with Adobe
Photoshop then reassembled within Macromind Director.......


cm01.jpg copyright 1993 all rights reserved.
This image started life as a frame of 6x6 T-max 400 loaded
in a Hasselblad 503cx, 80mm. Exposure unrecorded. It was then
printed to AGFA 118 Portriga. Hand colored with Marshall's
photo oils. The image was then photographed to 35mm transparency
film, scanned to photo-CD....then the colors were remaped from
within Photoshop on my MAC.

This is an image of an abandoned gas station, cafe, second-hand
store all in one. Location: Bountiful, Colorado

This also began life as T-MAX 100 loaded into my Hasselblad 503cx, 25a red
filter, exposure unrecorded. This image comes from the now famous "car
henge" located in Alliance Nebraska. Printed on AGFA 118 Portriga, then
selectively hand colored with marshall's photo oils, rephotographed to 35mm
transparency...then digitized to photo CD. Then at long last manipulated
with my Macintosh within Adobe Photoshop.

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