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Chris Auxier



Last Updated: 11/11/94
BIO: I am currently a 4th year architecture student at Cornell University, in Ithaca NY, and should be graduating in May '96. I attended three years of boarding school at Deerfield Academy, in Deerfield, Mass. I have taken summer session painting programs at RISD, and at Parson's Paris program. My home-base is Miami FL, but really I rotate between New York, Florida, and Colorado. As of January 1995, I will be studying architecture abroad in Rome for 4-5 months as part of the Cornell-In-Rome program.
ENDEAVORS: I've published a book with two freinds entitled "Marrow / Imprint / Angel / Dust" a few years back, to which I contributed 12 greyscale images. I have uploaded nine of these to SITO. More recently I won second place in an international student lighting design competition sponsored by the Koizumi Corporation in Japan. And even more recently I completed a 52 second, full screen, 30fps animation as the intro to a video series, entitled VETV, created by two architecture grad students here at Cornell. I've been working sporadically with a freind on a publication entitled "nhilhaus" which I hope to finish sometime in the months to come. I am currently engaged in an independant study whereby I am creating a WWW server for the Cornell Architecture department. Aside from these projects, all I do is DESIGN, DRAW, and BUILD MODELS into the wee hours of the morning. If you want my phone number or school address, just finger
MUSIC: (just a taste) Bach: Cello Suites; Arvo Part: all works, except possibly "Collage"; Meat Beat Manifesto!!!; Coltraine; Skinny Puppy; NIN; recent Front242 stuff; some PitchShifter; "good" Techno, Acid Jazz, and Ambient; etc... Lots more but it's really varied.

ARTWORK. . . . . . . . .

If you like anything...or hate it!: Please drop me a note at I'd appreciate your comments, good or bad!

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VETV Animation/Video

This is a 4.9MB QuickTime movie of a 52second animation I did as an intro to a video series. Please click on the name of the file to read a detailed description.
VETV Intro Sequence

Architectural Images

Large format line-drawings really do not lend themselves to compression and low resolution, much less scanning. And I haven't been too great about documenting my work over the years... So for now, the images here will most likely be computer generated, such as renderings of CAD models, etc....
Museum of American Folk Art:
Please click on the names of the images for text descriptions.
FolkArt-Reflection FolkArt-Transparency
Selections from Japanese Architecture investigation:
These images are based on a personal investigation into a few elementary principles of Japanese architecture. These images were created by using FormZ for 3D modelling and Infini-D for rendering. Post-processing and touch-up work was done in Photoshop..
bamboo1 bamboo2 tatami1
tatami2.. tatami3

Selections from nhilhaus series

These two images come from work intended for publication under the title "nhilhaus". It is still unclear when/how it will be printed. It is a collaborative project between myslef and a freind, Ryan O'Phelan, who now also has a page on SITO. If you like these images.... PLEASE write me... and consider ordering a copy of nhilhaus (we only ask that you pay for the cost of printing!). The digital images are NOT the artwork... they will only be real in the context of nhilhaus and as a physical reality, printed.
CS88edit ICBdarkerVar4

Selections from Marrow Imprint Series

The 9 images following the first one were originally created as part of a series of 12 images for a book entitled Marrow / Imprint / Angel / Dust, with co-authors Julian Meyers and Mat Schwartz. The first image is partly collaborative and was not created on the computer (select the name for more info). If interested in a copy of the book, email me and I'll tell you more...
DensecldsIslinvEdt hiContrastoneface highclosedit
shadowcopy........ scoliosis........... GreySea
GalleryCorrode.... TUBES............ Face and Creatures


I have many more. I will post them when I manage to dig them out of boxes and scan them.
MerryGoRound HerDemons


dOrsay1 dOrsay2

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COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: "Artist Custom #1" - All works © Christopher Auxier. You may freely distribute any image/digital file here in electronic form (except as part of an electronic publication or CD-ROM) as long as you include this text file, or the individual text info file that accompanies each image on SITO. ***NO MODIFICATIONS*** and No prints without prior permission. (I will most likely give permission, but ask first.) I am eager to be included in publications... but first I would like to know something about how my image(s) will be used and in what context. PLEASE NOTE! I have much higher resolution versions of all of these images.... So if you want anything for publication, just ask!

COPYRIGHT NOTE: Copyright may vary from project to project or image to image, even for one artist. Please verify the copyright in each specific instance before using ANY artwork from SITO.

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