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John R. Cluxton


I  became interested in photography in 1978 when I was given an old 
1930's Argus C3 rangefinder camera.  My enthusiasm  grew and I decided 
to start using a single lens reflex camera which afforded greater 
versatility by enabling me to see exactly what was being composed in the 
viewfinder.  In 1981 I transferred from a Computer Sciences program at 
The University Of Cincinnati to a degree program in Photography at Ohio 
University.  At this point my photography became more personal and I 
began to explore my fascination with the human form from a rather 
classical perspective. I chose to use infrared film because of the 
smooth alabaster skin tones that it produces, and it's ability to record 
that which is just below the surface of the skin.  This has become a 
metaphorical journey in which I have tried to show my sense of the 
richness of the Soul through portraits of the Body.  I began this series 
of  prints in the winter of 1991 as a personal statement, never 
intending to exhibit them.  They show the spirit of the interaction 
between the models and myself.  They are for me "Spirit Journeys."

	The prints are archivally printed using Ilford Multigrade Fiber Base, 
double weight, glossy paper and archivally framed using buffered Rag 
board, Mylar and acid-free Foam-Cor.  There are 6 copies in this first 
(and only?) edition of Spirit Journeys.  Portfolio 4 of 6 is reserved to 
be sold as a complete edition of Spirit Journeys.  Complete portfolio 5 
of 6 belongs to Paige E. Critcher for her many years of support and 
encouragement.  Complete portfolio 6 of 6 is a gift to myself.  

	All the prints are untitled, stamped & Copyrighted, bottom left on 
reverse side with Edition mark in pencil.  Framed prints have stamp, 
Copyright & Edition mark in pencil, bottom left of archival mount.

Unframed Prints $300 Ð Framed Prints $350

Note: On the silver images the copyright is on the reverse side.  If you 
use these images regularly a postcard is requested.
(Silver Images Available!  Jobs Considered!  Models Wanted!)
Snail Mail Address:
John R. Cluxton
PO Box 257
Miamitown, OH 45041
e-mail address:

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