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Scott Andrew Spencer

Websites: Email: Scott Andrew Spencer (American painter, Born 1970) Living in Los Angeles, California, Spencer loves to listen to music and paint daily. He takes inspiration from his immediate surroundings, real or imagined, and paints into the wee hours of the night. Spencer began painting full time after a brush with cancer in 1999. He is represented by renowned gallerist and art dealer Biljana Grcic-Beran through Galeria Jan in La Jolla, California, and was admitted into the Pasadena Society of Artists in 2004. Artist's Statements: Life is a game. Play along. In the Grand Scheme of it all, we may very well be experiencing different realities. These are definitely wacky times. We live in an age of orange newscasters and Burger King memorabilia. I stepped off the deep end a long time ago and have been dog paddling for dear life ever since. Nobody taught me to run from my problems. I had to learn that one on my own. I give myself over to That Which Governs. I know Someone or Something is watching after us, keeping vigil. Every day I thank my lucky stars and the Powers That Be for the presence of art collectors in this world. "Thank you," to everyone who owns and all future owners of these paintings. You are magical, wonderful people. Every canvas has an agenda--a life of its own separate from its maker, separate from thought or logic or reason--and to plot its course is only to interfere. To plan is to destroy. Trust the mess. All marks are good. Oh, but the mutiny of scrutiny . . . if we could only leave it alone. The self-taught artist has a great chance to be unique. Without knowledge of "rules" to hinder the hand or an instructor's style to imitate, what results is pure, entirely his own. Contrary to popular belief, abstract art is "meaningful" on a parallel with representational art. Each of us sees differently, and individual responses to an abstract work of art are varied. An abstract work's "meaning" is oftentimes stronger and more personal for the viewer than it is in purely representational art where the subject matter is obvious and can only evoke a limited range of emotions. Nowhere else in this existence have I found the freedom and exhilaration that oil painting affords. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Welcome words to a daydreamer like me. "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Francis Bacon Being gay is a gift, a variation on a theme. Love is too powerful to be shaped or confined. At the moment, I'm loving the paintings of Cecily Brown, Dana Schutz, Raimonds Staprans and Paul Balmer. My all-time favorites are Max Beckmann, Milton Avery, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Joan Mitchell, Egon Schiele, Richard Diebenkorn, Helen Frankenthaler and Lucien Freud.

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3lips: 3land: 3kitty: 3impressionism: 3game: 3fish: 3figurative: 3dance: 3clouds: 3cat: 3canvas: 3boats: 3ball: 3avian: 3astronomy: 3vase: 2tooth: 2teeth: 2square: 2sphere: 2sitting: 2sign: 2round: 2rain: 2pond: 2oversize: 2movement: 2microscopic: 2meeting: 2meditative: 2meaning: 2maze: 2kitten: 2insects: 2insect: 2impasto: 2golf: 2for sale.: 2floral: 2flora: 2face: 2expressionistic: 2expressionism: 2dog: 2dog: 2dog: 2dog: 2dog: 2dog: 2desert: 2decorative: 2cross: 2cosmic: 2cosmic: 2cosmic: 2cosmic: 2cloudy: 2circle: 2canine: 2canine: 2canine: 2butt: 2bugs: 2boyfriend: 2boob: 2beak: 2art: 2art: 2art: 2art: 2Zen: 2Scott Andrew Spencer: 2SOLD: 2Michelangelo: 2Cold: 2Art: 2zodiac.: 1your beliefs.: 1work.: 1witch doctor: 1wine tasting: 1whirlpool: 1whale: 1weather: 1warm: 1vista: 1violoncello: 1violin: 1viola: 1view: 1unpopulated: 1underwear: 1tutu: 1tree: 1tranquil: 1toy: 1tide: 1thick paint: 1the blue four: 1tangle: 1tall: 1table: 1swimsuit: 1swimmer: 1swan: 1surreal: 1sunset: 1sunrise: 1structure: 1strategy: 1strange: 1story: 1stormy: 1stopper: 1stoplight: 1statue: 1spiritual.: 1spiritual: 1spirit: 1spinning: 1spin: 1species: 1sparce: 1spa: 1sow: 1sounds: 1soothing: 1soldier: 1soil: 1smell: 1small: 1slides: 1slide mounts: 1sitter.: 1silo: 1shopper: 1shoes: 1ship: 1shark: 1seedless: 1seated: 1seasons: 1sea.: 1sea: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1sculpture: 1scriptures: 1science: 1scenic: 1sand: 1sailboat: 1rug: 1rotation: 1rooms: 1rocks: 1river: 1relationships: 1reflections: 1reflection.: 1reap: 1rain clouds.: 1rack.: 1rabid: 1purse: 1primitive: 1precipitation: 1prayer: 1potion: 1potential: 1pooch: 1poker: 1plot: 1plant: 1planet: 1place: 1pitch fork: 1pigeons: 1piece: 1picture frames: 1periodontist: 1perch: 1people.: 1pedestal: 1peace be with you: 1pastel colors: 1partridge: 1painting.: 1painting: 1painting: 1painter: 1painted to music: 1paintbrush: 1oversized.: 1over sized: 1over size: 1outer space: 1ouch: 1orthodontist: 1organisms: 1online art gallery: 1online: 1old world: 1oil paintings for sale: 1oil painting on canvas: 1nudity: 1nuclear holocaust: 1non-objective: 1noise: 1nest: 1mythology: 1mythology: 1mythology: 1mythology: 1mythology: 1musical: 1mouth: 1mountain range: 1motion.: 1motion: 1moths: 1moody: 1monster.: 1mixed media: 1minimal: 1meditation: 1maritime: 1mariposas: 1marine: 1marbles.: 1man's best friend: 1man's best friend: 1man's best friend: 1man's best friend: 1man's best friend: 1man's best friend: 1maker: 1magic: 1love: 1lipstick: 1latent: 1land mass: 1lamb: 1ladybug: 1knocker: 1kingdom: 1king: 1jungle: 1juevo: 1jesus: 1jacuzzi: 1intersection: 1internet art gallery: 1instrument: 1inclement weather: 1impressionistic: 1impressionistic: 1house: 1hot: 1horses: 1horizon.: 1holiday: 1hay: 1guard: 1glass: 1gesutral: 1germs: 1genus: 1gaming: 1gambling: 1furniture: 1frogs: 1frog: 1foreign: 1floor mat: 1flesh: 1flashbacks: 1flames: 1fire: 1figures: 1female: 1farmer: 1farm: 1eyes: 1expressionism.: 1eternity.: 1entomology: 1entomologist: 1elixer: 1elephant: 1eggs: 1earth tones: 1duck: 1drippy: 1drink: 1doves: 1dogs: 1disciples: 1din: 1detritus: 1der blaue reiter.: 1dentist: 1decanter: 1dancer: 1cup: 1cryptic writings: 1crying: 1crucifix: 1crops: 1crop: 1cool: 1cookies: 1continuum: 1contemporary oil paintings: 1contemplative: 1contemplation: 1container: 1condor: 1commotion: 1colors: 1colorful: 1collage: 1collage: 1collage: 1collage: 1collage: 1code: 1cityscape.: 1chess: 1cheese: 1chaos: 1chair: 1cellular: 1cells: 1celestial: 1cards: 1canines: 1candle: 1calm: 1buttocks.: 1butterfly: 1bundles: 1bum: 1buildings: 1bottle: 1bosom: 1boobs: 1bomb: 1boat: 1blueprint: 1blue.: 1black hole: 1birds: 1bird feeding: 1biology: 1beach: 1bag: 1bad boy: 1bacteria: 1asteroids: 1artist: 1artist: 1art patron: 1art gallery: 1archetypes: 1apple: 1animals: 1animal instinct: 1angel: 1amphibians: 1amniotic fluid: 1alizarin crimson: 1alchemy.: 1aging.: 1african: 1africa: 1aerial view: 1aerial: 1abstraction: 1abstract abstraction modern contemporary red pink brown purple g: 1Zenlike: 1Willem de Kooning similar: 1Stairs: 1Spencer: 1Sistine Chapel: 1Scott Spencer.: 1Scott Spencer: 1Scott A. Spencer: 1Scott: 1Scandinavian legend: 1Santa Maria: 1Santa Fe: 1SAS: 1Richard Milhouse Nixon: 1Pinta: 1Peaceful: 1PayPal: 1Pasadena: 1Nina: 1Mixed media: red ink on genuine two dollar bill.: 1Miguel Angel: 1Los Angeles: 1Lord: 1Joseph Mallord William Turner like: 1Interior view: 1God: 1Fruit: 1Father: 1Cubism: 1California: 1Bible: 1Australian: 1Angelina Jolie: 1Andrew: 1Alaskan: 1911: 1

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