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Che® is my name used in Art. I paint with Oleo. I Enjoy the tickness of it. I love to use recycled materials. I believe any objects and materials can be used and recycled on Canvas. Collegues have called my artWOrks “Innovative, Design Pieces”. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to know your feedback. ZafOArt® is an interactive space, where paintings, music and design move in one way, we want people feel involve with our prospective and to create a complete message with infinite possibilities and combination of objects, colours, sounds, materials and natural elements, in visual arts as music all melt in our own unique “design world” experience. Che® from Italy after travelling around the world since 1995 settle in Barcelona in the Nov 2002 is there where the project called: zafOArt® take place together with EmiliRoma®, musician, composer from new sounds to classical jazz, electro & Pop moved to Spain after a tour in Uruguay and Argentina with over a decade of susesful music experiences. Che: Painting, Innovative Visual art creator and Design Emili Roma: Music and Design Enjoy it. Che

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