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Horkay Istvan

Horkay Istvan Was born on1945 in Budapest, Hungary After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1964, Horkay was invited to attend the Academy of Fine Arts inCracow -Poland, the Major Art and Cultural Center of Eastern Europe, where he received his Master of Fine Arts.He continued his Studies at he Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. (1968) and did additional Post graduate work atthe Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. (1971) Horkay studied under the Internationallyknow Artist and Theater DirectorTadeusz Kantor as well as Professors, M. Weimann and J.Nowosielski. Palle Nielsen/Danmark/ He received Diplomas in Graphic Arts, Painting, and Film Animation. art in context Exibitions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1970 Cracow Poland 1974 Warszawa Poland 1990 Budapest Hungary 1990 Stuttgart Germany1 1990 Edmonton / Alberta / Canada 1991 Budapest Hungary 1992 Budapest/ Opera House/ Hungary 1992 Sienna/Word Meeting ISRA / Italy 1993 Rotterdam/Word Trade Center/ Holland 1994 Budapest/Vigado Gallery / Hungary 1995 Melbourne /Florida/ USA 1995 Delft /Gallery Brocades/ Holland 1996 Brussels/ Belgium/ 1997 Berlin/Gallery Benario/ Germany 1998 Zurich/Gallery art-felchlin/ 1999 Budapest Gallery XXI. 2000 Dolores Chase Gallery /Salt Lake City /USA 2000 Gallery de Griffel/ Utrecht / Holland 2000 Gallery XXI. Budapest /Hungary 2000 St. Petersburg/Russia/ 2000 American Fine Art Editions Inc/Scottsdale 2001Budapest/Las Vegas 2001 Moscow/Russia/ Hungarian Ambassy 2001 LeslieSacks Fine Art Los Angeles/Web Exibition/ 2001 Gallery Regina /Turku /Finnland 2001 ART'OTEL Budapest 2001 Gallery XXI. Budapest 2002 American Fine Art Editions Inc/Scottsdale 2002/Gallery of Art Eastern Washington University 2002 Kamiyamada /Japan/ 2003 LeslieSacks Fine Art Los Angeles/Web Exibition/ 2003 Collegium Hungaricum/Berlin/ 2003 American Fine Art Editions Inc/Scottsdale 2003 LeVall Art Gallery Novosibirsk/ Russia 2004 Gutman Gallery Budapest

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