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Danny Carl Manniche

Danny Manniche I am a native of the Bay Area, born in San Francisco in 1972. My art has always been expressed through music, as a guitar player. Photography is something entirely different. Creating objects only to photograph them; dissolving the line between unique and reproducible objects; a pioneer of digital photography, reconceptualizing subjects, and manipulating images to appear like no other; captivating, veer from medium to medium; incorporating machine-made and artist-crafted objects into hybrids; i reject craft and technique for concept and idea; a surrealist, a tinker, an inventor, American, European and Latin American, a conjurer of dreams but usually not of nightmares. rather than to shock i want to enlighten, amuse, inspire, and confuse, i want to help typical man see what is beautiful, how everywhere we look love exists, i will confront the full terrors of the twenty-first-century world to capture images for global and universal peace I have taken many photographs of this beautiful city of San Francisco. Nothing encaptures my thoughts as well as the strongest visual medium available while expressing my aesthetic conciousness. It is also a tool I use to find, connect, and build inner peace , between myself and the immediate environment. I am a self taught artist. Friends and family agree i have a natural eye for photography. Finding my true gift also provided me with a stronger passion for life. I count my blessings, and care to give back to the world, while wanting much more living to experience.

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