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David Alan Pattison

Welcome. I live in Olympia, Washington. The art works here represent my art interest over many years. I make poetic gestural objects -- lately stoneware sculptural vessels and totem chains --- My work emphasizes the importance of the act of creating as much as the finished art object --- shows the influence of Abstract Expressionism on my art. I rely on improvisation rather than detailed, previously-drawn-up plans to construct my art -- working within the moment and responding to the clay in a kind of dialogue as it changes under my hands. Very interested in surface and color after a form appears - use a variety of engobes, slips, stains, and glazes... Studied art and ceramics at the Archie Bray Foundation and the University of Montana and several other places. I am interested in clay, objects created with clay, pottery, art, artists, nature, mountains, beaches, travel, enlightenment, healthy living, music, curious sounds, curious thoughts, laughter, art collectors, art patrons, art buyers, art brokers, art galleries. I worked for years in social services. After I came back from Alaska, I gradually decided that I wanted to do more art. so I am trying to make things, would love to sell some and enjoy life at the same time... So far, I have not sold anything though I have gotten accepted into juried shows and galleries. I have been very occupied with some work related injuries and find my art to be therapeutic at this time and not financially rewarding. I sometimes share my studio space as I have a little extra work space I often share with a few friends. I don't charge except for the cost of electricity. I also like painting, building things, helping people, just hanging out and enjoying life. Lately, I like to build fairly big pieces that are hollow. It takes a long time to make each one and I sometimes need help moving them around the studio. Warning -- IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BROWSERS: Any resemblance of this web posting to Reality is purely a coincidence, and possibly a sign of madness. Turn off your computer. Go outside and take a walk. Read a book.

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