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David R Probin

DMT ART . The Answer To The Universe. Visual Guide for Humans No.33 Find The Center. David Probin Greetings fellow Travelers. Welcome. Please Enter for DMT art. Enter Here var sc_project 1414876 var sc_invisible 1 var sc_partition 11 var sc_security a473d20b ALL CONTENTS OF SITO.ORG 2019 SITO.ORG and/or RESPECTIVE ARTIST[S] : ⚠ :] Contact SITO | About SITO | Make a Donation | Site Map | RSS Feed | Hosting provided by TOONLET :[ Apparent Systems, Inc. #footer-note { position: fixed bottom: 4px left: 4px padding: 6px border: solid 2px #222 background-color: #9FA font-size: 1.1em border-radius: 7px width: 122px overflow: hidden white-space: nowrap opacity: 0.7 display: none } #footer-note:hover { width: auto opacity: 1.0 } hello. if you are reading this, you have found your way to our new server . this is good news. you can read about it here . [function[i,s,o,g,r,a,m]{i[ GoogleAnalyticsObject ] r i[r] i[r]||function[]{ [i[r].q i[r].q||[]].push[arguments]},i[r].l 1*new Date[] a s.createElement[o], m s.getElementsByTagName[o][0] a.async 1 a.src g m.parentNode.insertBefore[a,m] }][window,document, script , // , ga ] ga[ create , UA-3596219-1 , auto ] ga[ send , pageview ]

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LOCATION: Australia


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David R Probin has 20 works total in the Artchive. They are organized into tag categories you see listed below. Some works appear in multiple categories.

David Probin: 17energy: 16light: 14dream: 13abstract: 13drawing: 10dimensional: 8DMT ART: 8chaos: 7surreal: 6luminus: 5David Richard Probin: 5collage: 4space: 3dmt: 3collab: 3PSY: 3vision: 2photomanip: 2mp3: 2visual psychedelic: 1tryptamines: 1thought: 1tech: 1tec: 1space: 1psychoactive: 1guide: 1dmt tech: 1dmt tec: 1dmt guide: 1dimethyltryptamine: 1ayahuasca: 1Psychonautica: 1Psychedelic Tryptamine: 1Map: 1MAOI: 1Hallucinogens: 1Endogenous: 1Dimitri: 1Consciousness: 1

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