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edward a samuelson

edd finds great joy in learning and becoming more of who he is as part of global transformation. One of his passions is listening and aligning converging conversations. Committed to seeing people succeed in manifesting their vision, he enjoys being on the edge, living in process while being open and vulnerable. • edd draws heavily on his experience—and natural intuition—in understanding all things. His knowledge is not taken from books or accepted wisdom; it is his own and what comes through him. • edd’s personality is the archetypal still water—peaceful and deep. Philosophical, yet scientific, edd seeks to understand the very essence of life. edd experiences life in the here and now; his observations penetrate to the very core of being. • edd’s life number is 7. This path is associated with magic, mysticism and spirituality. It has links with the Moon, the inner light, and with mysterious Neptune. The astrological sign Sagittarius is represented in this path as the zodiacal sign of philosophy, spiritual courage and free thought. The 7 life journey unfolds as the realization of spiritual wisdom. • With a stellium of all 5 personal planets in Scorpio, edd is adept at the process of transformation. As an Artist, edd’s expressions inspire and support transformation. myster ‘e’ calls upon the passion of his soul connection with the vital life force. • edd’s media include photography, collages, poetry & writing, painting & drawing, lamps. As a Healer, belovedd’s work supports transformation. belovedd heals with the intention of unconditional LOVE. He directs vital life force into the energetic field, dislodging or clearing psychic or emotional disturbance. • Resistance is futile because with the release comes joy and peace of mind. • Response at the mental-emotional level can be quite rapid, with changes in the person’s outlook and mood appearing in a matter of days or weeks. • Energetic healing can be very subtle, so look for the miracles in your life. As a Life Guide, edd supports the creation of a vision that manifests as sustainable and joyful life, with freedom and independence off the gridd. • edd’s core values and beliefs include integrity, authenticity, profitability, honesty, partnerships, social responsibility, transformation, and remarkability. • With experience in sales, marketing and facilitation, edd brings a background of compassionate understanding of individuals and business organizations—from the family-owned to the multi-national. • Individually, edd supports identifying those steps which help gain freedom and independence. He teaches a simple approach to happiness; his guidance supports transformation. • In organizations, edd supports businesses in becoming remarkable. The idea behind this is that if your business is average, it will fail. So, being remarkable is the only answer. edd believes that remarkable business encourages people to have fun, collaborate, grow, build community, transform lives, and get positive results. edd’s multiple degrees, certificates, training and experience support creation and transformation. PhD, University of Sedona, Sedona, Arizona Doctoral Candidate, est. Completion Fall 2006 Concentration: Psychic Psychology, Metaphysics MA Certification, The Center for Sacred Leadership Mystical Activist Certification Concentration: Art, Healing, Life Guide M.A.-A.B.S., Leadership Institute of Seattle, Seattle, Washington Master of Arts Degree in Applied Behavioral Science Concentration: Business & Organizational Leadership B.S., Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon Concentration (1st Degree): General Science Concentration: (2nd Degree): Business Administration and Technology A.A., Shasta College, Redding, California Concentration: Liberal Arts Certification: U S WEST Sales and Marketing Academy Certification: AT&T Sales Certification Certification: California Community College Lifetime Teaching Certificate

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