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Andrey Efi

Describing Andrey Efi’s art is as difficult as it is simple. At first it seems as if his paintings are filled with elements that are not immediately understood, or “read,” as if closed to understanding intellectually. But look carefully at a picture several times and layers of meaning and narrative emerge. On the other hand, his paintings are easily understood visually. Looking at them evokes a profound emotional experience, delivered by light, pastel colors and multi-layered paint, intensified by the depth imparted by fabric, hair, stones and other materials.. It seems that the basic elements of the artist’s language are formed on the basis of an area created between the geometry of signs and literature. Out of a great variety of aesthetic and cultural systems (separated by time and space) the artist chooses the basic universal elements which he calls “Abstrogenes” and creates his new philosophically comprehended world. Andrey Efi's art is a unique and bright phenomenon, and he is always moving forward, ahead of his contemporaries. Some art critics call his art intellectual art but the author himself calls it Sign art. Here is what Boris Asvarich, a famous art critic, said about Andrey Efi’s art: “The artist reduces the profound world of his painting to a Sign, the meaning of which is clear to him, and is to be revealed to his audience. Sometimes his images are evoked by memories of childhood and by spontaneous perception of life. More often they are the result of accumulated experience, but these signs are always connected to humanist values, comprehensive and close to all people." "The sense of art for me", explains the artist "is to bind together the revelations of such great masters of the past as Leonardo, Durer, El Greco - and the discoveries of the great reformers of the 20th century." Andrey Efi began showing his work in 1988. His works were exhibited at more than 100 art events both in Russia and abroad. The audience’s opinion varies but his works leave no one indifferent. Efi's paintings are held at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), and in private collections in Australia, the United States, Belgium, Canada, the UK, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden.

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