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ARTIST INSIDE & OUT To observe, to hear, to elaborate again, this is my way to place myself towards myself, the others, and the external reality. I believe in the “creative force” that can give me harmony, joy, balance and I elaborate again all that the others transmit to me, also negative thought, making positive my feelings. I like to grant other peoples, creating a situation of complicity that gave us the possibility to feel free to talk and, above all, to be ourselves. I like to feel the “essence of the person”. I transform all that surround me, if it hits me. Besides drawing, I like embroidery. I have transformed many materials, curtains and cushions, also with colouring. To search functional solutions for the interior decoration involves me too, and I enjoy myself to repair lamps and shutters. The wood is my favourite material and I’ve built and painted divisors, show-cases and frames. All ductile materials test me out in order to create original objects. The computer enjoy and interest deeply me, because it contribute to my will to look for actual and innovating tools for artistic expression. I’m convinced that an artist must be a researcher and an experimenter in a continuous evolution! Giò

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