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John Hansen


John Hansen is a full-time, professional artist, creating abstract digital and oil paintings which are displayed and sold in galleries, museums and by art dealers, in the US and Europe. He has over 25 years experience as a designer, producing educational and promotional materials in print, video, film, and digital audio-visual media, for regional, national and multinational businesses and institutions. Hansen is a part-time faculty member (20 years) at The Art Institute of Seattle, where he teaches classes in graphic design, typography and computer graphics.

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: My work reflects my vision of other realms of existence which we are all moving toward. These works are merely the after-images of the experiences I am involved in when working on them, experiences of very strong energy fields of love, beauty, and peace. The world becomes smaller and more beautiful every day, every nanosecond and, we are expanding exponentially in spirit toward a new dimension. I want the viewing of my work to allow others to experience some of these same types of feelings, in their own unique, individual, beautiful way.

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