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Helmut Dotzlaw


Scene descriptions:

**** crystal.jpg ****

A flower-like cluster of stone crystals lies on the desert floor, basking in 
the sun. 640x480 pixels, 24-bit color. 

This scene was composed on a Macintosh LC using the POV-Ray raytracer. The 
sand-dune height_field .gif was drawn in Deneba Canvas and imported into Adobe
 PhotoShop, where it was smoothed and converted to the .gif format. The 
original image was rendered at a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels on a system of
 NeXT computers, in approximately 8 hours, courtesy of David K. Drum. 

**** aurora.jpg **** 

Aurora borealis over a rocky shoreline. 640x480 pixels, 24-bit color. 

This scene was composed on a Macintosh LCIII using the POV-Ray raytracer. The 
granite height_field .gif file was drawn in Adobe PhotoShop, using the 
airbrush tool. After rendering the scene in POV, stars were added to the sky 
in PhotoShop. At a resolution of 832x624 pixels, the scene took 35 hours to 
render on the LCIII. 

Comments/criticisms are most welcome. If you are 
a fellow POV-addict, Macintosh enthusiast or computer artist, please drop me a
 line - I'd love to chat with you! 

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