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Helena Madunic


I am a student of history of art, literary theory and museology.

As a tool I use computer PC486DX2/50/8mb, 14' colour monitor, grayscale handy scanner Genius (8 bit), and following software: Photoshop 3.0, Picture Publisher 4.0, PhotoFinnish 3.0 and CorelDRAW 4.0.

The photos and images I use are either scanned or uploaded from Internet. The coloured background textures I usually make on my own. All collages are made with combination of these programs.

I explore the possibilities of visual reinterpretation of masterpieces of art, by choosing some of possible semantic fields and compositional and formal relations. I try to emphasise that by interpolating classic art works in new visual and semantic sense. This could be called the visual-art-story-about-art.

My works are made with intention to be represented on a computer screen, or eventually by some other light media, like dia-projec- tor, video, etc., mainly because they themselves are created in light spectrum (RGB). In this sense, any printing would mean (better or worse) re-production of them, not realisation. Digital media is the only media I work with; I do not do any handy sketches on paper.

Short-stories on these collages are only one of the possible interpretations, that I wrote after watching and analysing of already finished works. Thus, they are not sources of inspiration in any sense, but a kind of conclusion and closing.

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