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Iga Juana

iga Since IGA doenst talk and because I always wanted a homemade computer guided 'Choose your own Lego D and D Adventure maze synch color by number comic qbasic graffiti collage stickerbook street fighter 2 rock game spaceship transformer Nintendo powerglove model airplane lasertag trophy pinball marblerace sesameestreetsong type punkrock jedi linknlog Conan throne cushion thing so I could get high with Jesus with without looking queer or nerdy martial art anyway, but could never figure out exactly what that was till OHKOSM, I'll Just Tell You IGA (EEE-GUH AKA Glondy Frelderj Ohandymeizner) is A Half Deaf, Half Cherokee, Half Eskimo, Half something else SSNAI (Sign Language Interpreter Included), Who's Medicine-Man Trained In the Ninja Arts after the tribe Was Mistakenly Interned as a result of Pearl Harbor. Meals Include More Breast any man ever seen, Reminiscing about Arby's French Dip Sandwitches and rings (No Aju), and Enemies. Not Much Is Known about this Ninja altho IGA's clan is rumored to own a casino and a grocery store and consequently has the ability to regeneratelizardtails (Oh)

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