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Jeff Falerni

Before he could hold a fork Jeff Falerni had a pencil in his hand. Born in the Bronx NY, Jeff was heavily influenced by the graffiti movement of the early 80's. Neighborhood streets, walls and buildings became his classroom – the canvas of an artistic movement literally taking shape all around him. At the Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota Florida Jeff tempered his natural talent with the discipline of traditional fine arts. It was during these formative years that Jeff began to take influence from the figural masters. He studied the work of such artist as Sargent, Schiele, Renior, and Degas. Embracing the masters that inspired him while remaining true to his early urban roots Jeff began to develop a a creative, youthful and unique style entirely his own. In 1999 Jeff returned to his native NYC and began employment as a toy designer with the Idea Factory. He soon established himself as one of team of select designers who conceived and designed hundreds of toys for such clients as Disney, Marvel and Universal Studios. IIn 2001 Jeff accepted the position of Art Director/Product Manager at Yanova Inc., a NYC Based Product Design Firm. At Yanova Jeff had the opportunity to further develop his concept and design skills. Today Jeff works in a number of different media, both traditional and digital, often blending the two in a fresh and inspired way. Jeff is available on a freelance basis or consulting capacity for toy design, product sourcing & management or freelance illustration.

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