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Jean M. Laffitau

I was born (1965) and I raised in Paris (France). I did not only have the luck to grow up in one of the greatest cities in the world, I’m also the descendant from some very well-known painters. My great-grandfather was Louis Vatat (1869-1952), who influenced the past art scene, and my grandmother Marie-Lucie Nessi-Valtat (1910-1992). I didn’t have the chance to know my great-grandfather, but I spend most of my free time with my grandmother at her studio, observing her painting, her artworks or accompanying her to the large amount, and very popular, vernissages. This past time influenced my glance for colours, shapes and the fineness of accents, but also for people and the life itself. The perfect presupposition for my present occupation, the photography. As a little boy I already handled with a camera, and when I reached 15 years old, I discovered my love for the photography. With 16 I made my school-leaving examination and at the age of 20 I finished my university studies with excellent marks. In the following year I travelled around Europe, mostly through England, Switzerland and Italy, expanding my knowledge about photography. After this frolicsome and wild year I returned to my hometown Paris. Something surprising happened to me… my way conducted me in front of the camera, instead behind. I got some employments as a photo model. But how life keeps going…the following years leaded me in a completely different direction. I became a soldier. I stayed five successful years, when a terrible accident forced me to change my life again. I moved to Germany. At first I had some difficulties – I had no idea about the German language – but after a short time I found my new direction, professional and private. Then I remembered my old love, the photography. The first orders came in, most of them from the USA. Especially from Dallas, San Francisco, L.A. and many more, so I had to commute between Germany and USA. But finally I decided to stay in Germany, in the great city of Saarbruecken.

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