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James Tully




"The product of the artist has become less important than the fact of the artist.
We wish to absorb this person. We wish to devour someone
who has experienced the tragic. In our society this
person is much more important than anything
he might create."
- David Mamet

James Tully was born in Denver, Colorado, and now lives and works in New York City. His education includes bachelor degrees in Fine Art (studio program) and English Literature from Georgetown University, Washington, DC. He was the recipient of the Kreeger Prize in printmaking.

Tully exhibited a video work at The Whitney Museum in New York entitled 'Stylized Banalities', 1997-98, sponsored by Bloomberg Television.

In 1999 he participated in the seminal group show 'Generation Z' at PS1/MoMA in New York. This work was a ten-foot-tall robot built as a video-sculptural collaboration between Tully and the infamous artist Alfredo Martinez. Tully's video 'How Soon Is Now' blasted from the video screen comprising the head of the robot.

Technology, in all its triumphs and pitfalls, serves as an enduring fascination for Tully, and is the subtext of much of his work.

Throughout a number of other shows, screenings, and installations in New York and the Northeast U.S., Tully has been known particularly for his unique blending of the moving image of film and video with the painted 'stills' he exhibits often in the same gallery or installation. The transient images of film and video counter posed with the enduring stills serve as the basic dialogue of his process, in turn highlighting Tully's themes of the consciousness of the artist versus his product, and the collective consciousness versus the permanent record of society. The moving image in Tully's work acts as a filter through which complex ideas, chronologies, and images are processed into simpler and more emblematic works.


Georgetown University     -    B.A. Studio Art,  B.A. English
Parsons School of Design    -   Certificate in Digital Art


One Who Speaks to Steel Rotors  Paintings curated by Joanne Hartlaub
           - Greeley Square Gallery, 32 West 31 Street, New York, NY
Industrial (two-man show) -  Paintings curated by Chloe Derdarian
           - Splendid, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 31 Aug - 23 Oct 2002
Fiend Gallery : painting & video installation curated by Alfredo Martinez    
           -  Orchard Street, New York, 1999
American Opera Projects/Downtown Arts Festival: video  - SoHo, New York, 1998
New England Center for Contemporary Art: painting  -  Putnam, Connecticutt, 1996
Barnard Biderman & Worth Fine Art : painting   -  22 East 72 Street, New York, 1995 

MBM Gallery Kunstverlag:
painting  -   SoHo, New York, 1996

American Opera Projects: painting  -  SoHo, New York, 1995



Greenwich Film Festival   -  Greenwich, CT,  Sept-Oct 2001
         -  How Soon Is Now  Installed in Richard's Dept. Store
Void: Spectator Sport   -   Mercer St., New York,  May 2001
Void: Hollywood Rat Race  -   Mercer St, New York,  April 2000 
Void: Splitscreen    -   Mercer St, New York, May1999
     -  Four artists employing multiple screens within the video frame    
Void: How Soon Is Now?      -   Mercer St, New York, June 1998
      -  A single channel video screening
Whitney Museum of American Art New York: Stylized Banalities   -  Nov.1997
      - Video installation for opening of  Warhol Look exhibition, funded by Bloomberg
American Opera Projects: Mode of Restraint     -  SoHo, New York, Apr.1997 
       -  Installation of invented objects, painting, & five-piece Russian chamber music ensemble


The Installation Show -  D. Balingat, Curator  - Splendid, Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn 15 Sep-8 Nov 2001
Sun Arts Collective  D. Balingat, Curator - numerous group shows at Lower East Side & Brooklyn venues - NYC 2001
Gershwin Gallery: Hollywood Glam, curated by Jacob F. Mikelsen   -  NYC,  May 2000     
Videolounge: Voyeurism   Williamsburgh, Sept.1999
     -  outdoor video projection/live microcast by Free 103.9fm pirate radio
PS1 Contemporary Art Center: Generation Z   -   New York, 1999
Rough House, Emergency 23   -  New York, 1999
Cynthia Broan Gallery, Trench Waveforms: video screenings   - 14 St., New York, 1999
Ragnorak, curated by Alfredo Martinez   -  West 38 St. Warehouse,  New York, Mar.1999
Surface-to Air Space , curated by Chris Kelley   -   15 East 17 St., New York,1998
Millennium Gallery   -  Park Place, East Hampton, NY,1996
SoHo Biennial/450 Broadway Gallery  -   New York, 1995
Mayana Gallery: East Village painters   -  New York, 1995
Walsh Gallery, Georgetown University: Annual Groupshow    -  Washington, DC


Kreeger Prize in The Fine Arts, Georgetown University  -  Washington, DC
Nominee: Sundance Film Lab; Aspen Istitute; Hamptons Intnl.Film Festival   - 1998-99
Artists Against Abuse , Benefit Auction -  Bridgehampton, NY, Jul-Aug.2001, 2002, 2003


One Who Speaks to Steel Rotors (Documentary, super 8 film and digital video), directed by Charles Davis: a journey into the heart of East Village artist James Tully, as he struggles to open a show, define art, and capture the future through obsolescence    -   New York, 2004

Captured: A History of Film and Video on the Lower East Side - compiled by Clayton Patterson, edited by Paul Bartlett and Urania Mylonas:
three page profile and photos of Tully - FEVA Press 2003 & Seven Stories Press 2005, New York

The New York Post: PageSix - by Richard Johnson and Chris Wilson: Bitter End: Downtown Artist James Tully - New York, 2 Jan.2004 Gossip Roundup - Downtown Artist James Tully - New York, 2 Jan.2004

Douglas Kelley Show List ( Best of 2003 - Downtown Artist James Tully - New York, 5 Jan.2004

Coagula Art Journal, Issue #66, p. 6 - The Baird Jones Review - by Baird Jones: Tully at the Sonnabend Gallery - Los Angeles, CA Jan 2004 - various photos of Tully - New York, 2003

New York Press, Volume 16, Issue 48: Up All Night - by Jennifer Blowdryer: The artist James Tully and I met up with him at the Luhring Augustine Gallery - New York, 26 Nov. 2003

N.Y. Arts Magazine - December Picks - by Christopher Chambers: Tully’s exhibition at Greeley Square Gallery - December 2002

Bloomberg News Radio Network - the artist comments on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks - 9-11-2002
E Entertainment Television - coverage of artist's appearance at Imitation of Christ Fall 2001 Premier  - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Irish Voice, Film Fleadh Launch , Photo by Nicola McClean  - Boston, MA, 28 Feb.2001
The Boston Globe, by Erickson Blakney:   -   Sun.Sept.2000
TV Guide,  by Richard Johnson, Chloe Sevigny’s Perfect Manners    -  20 Jun.2000
The New York Post: PageSix, by Richard Johnson
    - Chloe: Perfect Manners (Chloe Sevigny views artist’s video work)   -  20 Jun.2000 alt.gossip.celebrities    -  20 Jun.2000
The New York Times, Style Section, by Monique Yazigi    -   Sunday, Feb.2000
Mary Boone Gallery (catalogue in hardcover, Rizzoli )  -  New York, Nov.99
   - by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, portrait of the artist originally for Review Magazine  
Free 103.9fm pirate radio: outdoor video projection /microcast  -  Brooklyn, NY Sep.99  synopsis of How Soon Is Now? video, incl. image -   Aug.1999
Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Regional News (story via NY Observer)  -  8 Aug.99
The New York Observer, front page, by George Gurley    -    2 Aug.1999
The Boston Globe, by Erickson Blakney: All That Jazz in New York    -  Sun.20 Jun.1999
The New York Daily News, by Linda Yglesias Tragic End to Talented Life  - Sun.16 May 1999
ArtNet.Com , by Mary Barone/photos Walter Robinson   -  Apr. 1999
      - Generation Z, an International Group Show of Emergimg Artists opens at P.S.1
The Douglas Kelley Show , Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV   - 7 & 14 Mar.1999
New York Arts Magazine : Chris Chambers, review of Fiend Gallery show   - May 1999
New York Arts Magazine : Chris Chambers, review of Ragnorak groupshow    -   Apr.1999
Paper Magazine Online: Picks of the week: Ragnorak groupshow    -    March 1999
Downtown Community Television, DCTV Presents: How Soon Is Now    -   6 Feb.1999
Cynthia Broan Gallery, Program for Trench Waveforms     -    New York, Jan. 1999
Downtown N.Y. Arts Festival, Catalogue: The Main Event     -   New York, Sept.98 : review of video at American Opera Projects    -   NYC, Sep.1998
The New York Times, by Carol Vogel    -   Friday 19 Sept.1997
        - advance listing with photo of Stylized Banalities video at Whitney Museum
The New York Times: Four Artists,   by Phyllis Braff  -  Sunday, 3 Nov.1996
MS-NBC Television News: Interview at Whitney Museum   -   New York, 7 Nov.1997
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NY SoHo Biennial , Catalogue,by Thierry Aulet   -  New York, 1995
New York Magazine:  - New York, NY, 26 Jun. 1995  
       - synopsis of solo show at Barnard Biderman Gallery 
Georgetown Magazine: profile of the artist with photograph    -  Washington, Fall 1995
Barnard Biderman Fine Art, Catalogue of one-man-show     -   New York, 1995
Impressions Magazine     -   Denver

'JAMES TULLY: filmography

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