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Kika Nery


"We say goodbye to brushes, papers, materials. Our light comes now from the scripts, applets, and plug-ins."

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and I am Master of Arts. I have been working with graphic design but now the net has more and more envolved me -- and the virtual. I use to define myself as a computer artist, as my works deals with computer science and arts.

My home is Brasilia, capital of Brazil, a solar country in South America. In this moment, I am immersed in two projects to the net: one, a poetic and visual translation of Dante's Inferno, in my point of view the best metaphor of the expansion of the net to multiple domains. I want to show its galleries, undergrounds, gates, labirinths. Like Dante, I will move through this virtual space so full of sins, seductions, falls. The net is ike a city, but we have to walk without a map. To be lost, completely lost, inside this seductive and chaotic city. That is the only way to find ourselves.

Another project is a site about virtual bodies, with my images and links to scientific and artistic sites. I like to model bodies and now I am beginning to work with layers of light and transparencies. My bodies are becoming abstracts 'cause I think this is the nature of cyber space (irreality). My research deals with these extrems: erotism (I love Kamasutra, is my pillow book) and scientific visions.

We are looking for and designing the future shape of our body.

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