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Allen Matheson



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Early Morning on Poipu Beach,
(picture) southern Kauai. {102k}

Hibiscus (picture) in Kauai.{47k}

One of the many waterfalls in Kauai. (picture){113k}

(picture) Sunrise from Poipu Beach, Kauai. {96k}

The Na Pali Coast, (picture) on the western edge of Kauai. {85k}

Rock and water formations; (picture) Oahu. {115k}

(picture) Lighthouse and Cliffs; Kauai {101k}


Fairchild Mountain and Lawn Lake (elev. 11,000 ft.), Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Colorado. Notice the moon just next to the cliffs.
(picture) {128k}

A marmot (picture) hoping I'll share my breakfast, at Lawn Lake. {103k}

Mary's Lake Campground, Estes Park, Colorado, just outside my tent, 5:45 A.M.
(picture) {66k}

Sunset over Mary's Lake (picture) {86k}

Squirrel in Estes Park (picture) {167k}

(picture) Hallett Peak, from the Bear Lake trail, RMNP.{103k}

Dead tree on the Bear Lake Trail. (picture) {78k}


Flowers and Mountain Range (picture) at a Totonac Indian Christian center. {62k}

Waterfall; (picture) notice the guy perched on the cliffs. {118k}

Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

3 different sunset shots. (picture) {80k} (picture) {71k} (picture) {59k}

No, I wasn't that close to this alligator, (picture) thanks to a long lens. {217k}

Gator food (picture) (Egrets) (picture) {112k & 144k}

Houston Zoo

Yes, this is a real Bear. Yes, those are real claws.
(picture) {116k}

The sad story behind this tiger is that he killed a zoo employee just a couple of months after I shot these pictures in 1988.
(picture) {246k} (picture) {119k}

A leopard (picture) resting under a shade tree. {127k}

This monkey has a strange taste in things. (picture) {120k}

Swan in the Pond. (picture) {47k}


Hot Air balloon reflecting off a building; Clear Lake, Texas.
(picture) {95k}

A smattering of hot air balloons over the Clear Lake area.
(picture) {121k}

Sunset over Clear Lake. (picture) {87k}

The Texas State Capitol building; Austin, Texas (picture) {106k}

The Saint Louis Gateway Arch, from the base of one side looking straight up.
(picture) {36k}

Equipment List

These pictures were all shot using a Minolta XG-1 film camera (I since moved to digital many years ago, primarily using Canon digital cameras now). Lenses for these shots include:

I also used an assortment of Cokin filters, especially:

Computer Generated Art

Back in the mid-1980s I designed several algorithms to create some strange art. These particular images were generated back in 1987 using FORTRAN on a VAX 11/750, printed on a Tektronix InkJet, and scanned in. I've since rewritten this in Visual Basic, and hope to some day find the time to write a web-based version (motivate me). Here are some much better looking versions from the VB program.

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(picture) {345k} (picture) {114k} (picture) {187k} (picture) {127k}

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