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Maria Henriques

Maria Henriques was born in Lisbon 15,May 1951. In the year 1968 she started studying the art of painting in the School of Arts-Antonio Arroios in Lisbon. In the beginning of 1970 she begins studying with the teacher, the painter/professor Rolando De Sá Nogueira in the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Between the years 68/74 she works in several publicity Agencies and she continues studying painting and photography. She also made several trips to Europe, North America and Canada. In the year 1974/75 she leaves Portugal to live in Vienna-Austria. There she works in series about classical music for the Portuguese television and she starts her painting studies with a Painter/professor Wolfgang Hollegha in the Academy Bildenden Kunste. She also works with the professor of History Adam Shaff doing translations and illustrations. She also worked for the composer Haubenstock Ramati. Between the years 75/77 she made several trips to Moscow, Budapest, Varsovia and to other cities of the East Europe. In those years she made several exhibitions of her work. In 1977/78 she leaves Vienna and returns to Lisbon-Portugal. In Lisbon she starts studying again with the Master Sá Nogueira and she illustrates several books of Poetry and Short Stories. In the year 1989 she leaves Lisbon and starts living with her family in Lagos, Algarve were she's currently working. She is represented in various collections inside and outside of Portugal. She has been distinguished with the Cultural Merit from the Ministery of Culture from Portugal. Exhibitions made 1976-Linz Gallery/Austria-painting 1976-Gratz Gallery/Austria-watercoulors 1976-Gratz Gallery/Austria-paintings 1977-Viena/Austria-watercoulors 1977-Paris/France-watercoulors 1978-Linz Gallery/Austria-drawings 1978-Libris/drawing 1979-Olaias gallery/paintings 1979-Libris/paintings and drawings 1980-A loja/drawings 1980-Green Hill Gallery/drawings 1981-Libris/watercolours 1981-Olaias gallery/watercolours 1982-Green Hill gallery/watercolours and drawings 1982-A loja/paintings 1982-Libris/drawings 1983-Olaias gallery/drawings 1984-Green Hill Gallery/drawings 1985-Libris/watercoulors 1986-Olaias Gallery/drawin 1987-Libris/watercoulors 1987-Libris/watercoulors and drawings 1988-A loja/poetry ilustrations 1988-a loja/paintings 1988-Libris/drawings 1989-Green Hill Gallery/watercolours 1989-Buzio Gallery/paintings and watercoulors 1990-Lagos/paintings 2000- Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira Gallery/paintings and drawings 2001-Cultural Center of Lagos/drawings 2002-Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira --Drawings 2004 Fortaleza da Ponta da bandeira Illustrations and lauching of the poetry book of the painter Next exhibition:25 April 05

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