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aMan Bloom

Synchronicity Scout and Ambassador for the Other America, I ramble the world, the 3rd one, that is, seeking soft adventures [no, not only the one you re assuming], living and volunteering at the grassroots level in a third world environment [i.e., Makhanda [nee Grahamstown], South Africa West Oakland, Ca, USA Negril, Jamaica, W.I.] in the areas of art, ecology and empowerment. On the way, I stop over at other exotic places [Panang, Malaysia Kyoto, Japan Madagascar Swaziland Morocco Yosemite National Park, CA San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Seattle, London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Cluj, Bratislava...] I also meet and mentor people, play in a drum circle, and dance, dance, dance. No cars, I bike no meat, raw-food vegetarian no booze, pot. Plus, I do pen-and-colored pencil drawings, large and medium format acrylic paintings and found-object assemblages, inspired by my creative mind, people and places or in their places, landscapes and cafe scenes also photography using Canon and Fuji-Film. For the latest, go to 132301188494641362/l 288458612/g 2139894/otsc SYE/otsi SALB/pns/share/p 132301188494641362/l 288458612/g 2139894/otsc SYE/otsi SALB and see what I m up to. RESPECT GRACE PATIENCE, Make a Difference Have a good time. --aMan

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LOCATION: South Africa


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