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Chris Masuy


seventh year in fine arts...
1995/96: bath college of higher education/uk 
         producing my own work
1994/95: school of fine arts bxl/belgium
1989/94:highschool,chool of fine arts bxl/belgium

I have taught children and have done a few professional works in graphics.

I accept all forms of art, because I know that each has his own way of thinking...

But for me, art is the search for peace, trying to do something for the society, for example > work about unconsciousness, within a society where moral values are constantly changing.

I try to produce pictures, from which you cannot escape, when you have seen them they inpregnate your emotions, you have to seek for the truth of the world. I know that this is subjectif, but subjectivity also plays a part in our world. But even if my line of vision is not synonimous with the truth, it is still one view of the world. The world will not be perfect at least until everyone in it has a beautiful vision of it. We have to learn and we have to listen, through the past and the present. As Alberti once said "Nothing can at the same time be born and be perfect".

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