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John F. McQuade


As a physician about to enter private practice several years ago, I realized that it would be imperative to nurture interests outside of medicine, if I were to maintain balance in my life. The four years of medical school and five years thereafter of post-graduate training left no time for extra-curricular activity. Thankfully, my experience at Yale College was enriched by exposure to many areas of the liberal arts and to the extraordinarily talented people there trying very hard to share some of their wisdom with me. Those seeds of appreciation for the arts germinated in 1980 when I became interested in photography.

That year, I participated in a workshop on black and white photography organized and conducted by Fred Picker in Vermont (Zone VI Studios). Since then my journey through the photographic artistic realm has been persistent, intense when the time permits, and has, interestingly, spawned a genuine appreciation for other art forms. My travels in the pursuit of the fine black and white image have taken me from the Monterey Peninsula in California to Maine, Nova Scotia, and as far as the luscious landscape of Ireland. But, by far, the area of greatest interest to me is here in my own backyard---eastern North and South Carolina. The maritime landscape here as well as the rich cultural legacy of the rural south provide a generous source of material for the camera.

For the most part, the images in this gallery were taken with either a 4 x 5 field view camera or a Hasselblad medium format camera. All negative processing and printing is done be me. The images have been digitized using an HP Scanjet 3c.

Finally, you will be interested to see images of another art form that I have recently fallen in love with: fractal imagery. How unbelievably beautiful these can be! The intriguing aspect about them is that they devolve from rather simple mathematical relationships, yet are so complex that they could not be adequately viewed until the advent of powerful microprocessors.

Enjoy the images. If you are interested in obtaining fine black and white prints of any images presented in the gallery, please email me.

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