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Marcos Peinemann W.

We could call it an act of arrogance as much as one of ingenuity, it end up being the same. Isn’t ignorance daring anyway? Drawing dark lines over big blotches of color shows the incapacity of representing the reality surrounding us. The reality of the “other” becomes tangible, “my” reality looses meaning; and then, everything turns around. Drawings, abstracts, dream images, photographic precision, distorted perspectives, angular figures, organic architecture; all parts of divided visions of a unique truth we all want to reach to and will never belong to us completely. Answers rise before questions are being formulated. Systems of indicators and systems of incentives, satisfactors meeting our needs, human needs. Who if not each one of us to decide, adequate, and understand our own path? How to find peace within uncertainty? So many roads take us to the one and none fits us all likewise. We are surrounded by references but no determinants. It doesn’t matter if they are spots or lines, we will eventually find each other; within the painting and without.

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