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Maria mucharska

Maria Mucharska-Polish - I’m a very enthusiastic artist and I’m interested in every medium. As part of my Art Course I started with ceramics went on to photography and finally computer experimentation. Painting, especially in acrylics is my favourite medium. I cant completely lose myself in my art, there are no boundaries, no restrictions, my imagination takes me into unknown world of colour and fantasy. I’m extremely influenced by DRAMATIC CONTRASTS: of light, shade, shining, reflecting surfaces in nature, texture or styles. I like to capture the moment on camera, scan it onto my computer for designing my final piece. - My painting "Lifetime" was one of 29' finalists chosen from 3500 paintings in the "Artist Of The Year 2000" -SAA International Competition, while "Yet Another Spring In My Garden" is another lucky painting from the year 2001. To look at these paintings go to - - I was born in 1958 in Poland and emigrated to England in 1989. Painting is part of everything I do now and I hope you will take the time to look at this site.

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