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Mike Tressler


  I'm Michael Tressler, a 6'7" white boy from Indianapolis, Indiana. 
  I just got my CS degree from Ball State University.
  Hire me. I can travel.

NOTES: Here is a brief desription of my pictures. All of my pictures are manipulations of currently existing images I've gotten off of the net. There is no original hand drawn art work. However, I think it's quickly noticeable that these pictures are now as much mine as anyone else's. Plus, I can't draw to save my life.
The Elvis series are variations on the (in)famous picture of Elvis Aaron Presley shaking hands with Richard Millhouse Nixon at the White House. The original picture is black and white, but I've been able to perform some pretty satisfactory color processing. MTELVIS1.GIF - "Elvis Nixon, Meet Richard Presley." Although this is entitled ELVIS1, it is not exactly the first picture in the series. After I made a few pix, I realized I didn't have one entitled ELVIS1. SO I renamed this one to stem any confusion about a "missing first Picture" sighted at gas stations in Oklahoma and mini-marts in Minnesota... MTELVIS2.GIF - "Elvis, Nixon, and the Red Light District" This picture is not available on OTIS. The Nudity is a bit too... straightforward. Plus it's the least interesting one of them all. But it does exist. If I get enough requests, I may submit it for the EROS subdirectory. But it's nothing great visually. THis one may show up at gas stations in Oklahoma and mini-marts in Minnesota... MTELVIS3.GIF - "Cyberpost-technicolor avant Elvinix" Mr. Presley and Pres. Nixon warp through to the set of _Blade Runner_ and shake hands, proud of their mastery of the space-time continuum. MTELVIS4.GIF - "Elvis, I Don't Think We're in Memphis Anymore" A fair idea of what Mr. Presley and Pres. Nixon might look like as they are caught in the midst of warping through the now mastered space-time continuum. MTELVIS5.GIF - "Dero TV" It was pure coincidence that I happened to be reading _Elvissey_ by Jack Womack at the same time I started this series. In the book, a time warped Elvis becomes a messiah to a not-so-distant- future earth. This is what Elvis and Dick might look like on a 50's era television set that is suffering from magnetic distortion. The other three are just scattered images. MTSATURN.GIF - This is a vibrant technicolor HIGHLY processed image of Saturn that I ftp'ed from a JPL/NASA site somewhere on the net. Pretty pleasant. And no matter how hard GM might try linking Saturn with NASA and space-age technology, this is the planet pictured, not the car. MTSWELL1.GIF - A picture of a fine-looking lady completely covered with a few VERY large tattoos, including Max Headroom all across her face and chest. This picture is the result of a lot of luck with images falling in to place. Like MTELVIS1, this was not the first picture of this series. I just have trouble starting to count from 1. I find 2 so much more interesting a number to begin with. MTSWELL2.GIF - A warped picture of Claudia Schiffer, Wunderfrau. For some reason, I added some subtle, completely clean cunnilingus into the fray. Well, as completely clean and subtle as lesbian cunnilingus can be, I guess. One of my earlier pictures, pretty low on the effects treatment. I'll be adding more as time goes on. Alla my pictures are free to be used by anyone for any purpose. But remember, really cool, nice people will let me know about their use and send me complimentary copies, toys, cash, gifts, macramee pot holders, etc., in return for my effort. If you like these, please let me know. I won't bite. I probably won't even respond to your mail. Just so I can boost my ego a bit. Well, at least to know someone kinda digs 'em.

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