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Mike Huber

I am a human being, therefore I create art.

I play in the mud. If I feel pretentious, I call the results "ceramics". Actually, some of them are pretty nice if I do say so myself. And I do. My biggest artistic obstacle is learning to appreciate my own art, and I'm overcoming it.

I also experiment with other art forms.

I grew up in an art-dealing family, exposed to a very wide variety of artistic traditions. The Maya and Olmec traditions in particular do things for me, as do some of the older European. Surrealism does as well, but I don't think a work of art should require a major explanation on the part of the artist. If I want to say something that needs words, I write it. On the other hand, a little bit of story - what, if anything, the piece illustrates, how it came to be, a random observation - can help connect the viewer to the piece.

I sell ethnographic and ancient art on my site Baktun 13 Art

Some of my work is available on mugs and such at my CafePress shop.

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LOCATION: United States


COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: "Artist Custom #1" - I reserve full copyright on these images.
But I'm reasonable - contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.
If you contact me, I may be able to get you a higher resolution version of the image you are interested in. Or even the original. I am also open to commissions, and willing to tell you how I did it. So even if you are doing something innocent like using my work as a background, toss me a message.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: Copyright may vary from project to project or image to image, even for one artist. Please verify the copyright in each specific instance before using ANY artwork from SITO.

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