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Jeff Mitchell


Jeff Mitchell is a Graphic Artist (preferred title is Graphic Squid) for a few newspapers in Canada (in a lame subarea near Toronto). He is a roadie for a few bands, and programmer of a few games and utilities and networking protocols on obscure machines.

He listens to industrial music for themost part, with some jazz and classical.

Samples are available of some of the bands Jeff roadies for, which tend to be industrial noise types, with some good intricate talent.

His artwork tends to be bizarre hpto touchup manipulation stuff.

NOTES: Feel free to mail Jeff at, for comment or requests or whatever. All of the files sent to the SITO Archives are copyrighted by Jeff Mitchell and licenced to several organizations. As such, they are under many restrictions. Placing to SITO is allowed only because it is assumed SITO users will abide by the various laws and legislations of their country and the country from which the images were acquired. Besides: We're all just having some fun, right? If you wish to use any of the samples or images provided/created by Jeff Mitchell, just ask and I'll be sure to give you permission (assuming the image is not already licenced by someone else already, such as a band or record company). If you wish to edit and hack up any of the artwork, please ask me first, if you plan on distributing or otherwise displaying the modified works - do recall that everying I send up is copyrighted and whatnot. Sincerely, Jeff Mitchell Criminal Records AcidFreak Software ... ayp.gif: AYP is my interpretation of the "Are You PAranoid?" Illuminatus-like symbol. Made for kicks for a friend of mine. Low low resolution (about 75 dpi), suitable for window backgrounds and the like. ... kruger1.gif: Kruger. Highway. Destroy. Pave the Earth. Kruger is a company in Toronto and Montreale Canada, and perhaps other places. No slander is meany by this symbol useage, and the copyright of the "K" logo is most definately theirs. It is not used by permission, but they can have this image if they want it. Its only function is to amuse a single individual, who thought it needed "banging" . Low resolution, suitable for window backgrounds and the like. ... spengho1.gif: Dr. Spengho is one of my quick joke images. It is comprised of several fairly distinct subimages, all mashed togethor. Overall, I like the image.. but I shouldn't have mashed everything in there - instead I should have made several different pics, and actually spent some time on it. 200dpi approx, in 256 shades of colour, so as to not get too large file size.

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COPYRIGHT NOTE: Copyright may vary from project to project or image to image, even for one artist. Please verify the copyright in each specific instance before using ANY artwork from SITO.

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