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Ken Palmer


These are my current attempts to create rendered digital art that is more organic in feel. The various shapes and textures used have many origins „ from photographs to text to random noise „ and are mutated in Illustrator, Photoshop and Pixar Glimpse. The final rendering is all done in Pixar Typestry, which usually barely survives the rendering process, since I'm using it for a far more complex task than the program was ever intended to handle. The happy accidents, partial and "incorrect" renderings and other "mistakes" that Typestry makes while trying to digest the many elements of each piece are exactly what appeals to me... this is the opposite of the usual predictible slick 3d stuff one usually expects to see. I make my living doing very precise infographics for several magazines, so it was a natural outlet to gravitate to the opposite extreme for my own personal work.

About the titles: I'd hate to objectify the subjective, so these boring titles come from what the pieces were named on my hard drive. Use your own imagination ... a title would only influence you! Besides, I don't have any idea what these images represent either! If you insist, you can call ALL of them the "Sunset Over a Lake with Ducks" series ... feel better now?

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COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: "Artist Custom #1" - All art © Kenneth J. Palmer. My work in the digital domain pays my bills, so if you want to use any of this or distribute it elsewhere, let me know FIRST (permission to reproduce MAY even be FREE!). High-quality large-format prints are also available.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: Copyright may vary from project to project or image to image, even for one artist. Please verify the copyright in each specific instance before using ANY artwork from SITO.

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