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PiA DiStefano

The paint hypnotizes me as it reveals something that could not be expressed in words. Forms slowly reveal themselves as already having been there. Like a dance with inner conversation, painting for me, is the language of feelings and self awareness. PiA DiStefano Since I was very young, I have been fascinated with expressing myself through color and images. I was born with the desire to create art. I traveled extensively through Europe, Africa and Asia. In 1999, I was awarded a stipend to travel to Morocco to paint with a group of artists. I spent the summer of 2000 in Katmandu, Nepal volunteering for Helping Hands (a free clinic for the poor people of Nepal). While there, I sketched many of the patients. All of these experiences and travels have sharpened my artistic vision and aided me in understanding the value of art in the world. I have studied at Parsons, NY, Oregon State, OR, West Valley College, CA, SMFA, Boston, Wellesley College, MA, The Angel Art Academy, Italy, and with Daniel Greene, NY. My work has been exhibited in California, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Denmark. My studio is located in Florence, Italy. To view a full portfolio of my work, please visit

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