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Erick Pichardo

Throughout the ancient cultures of the Americas, a magical connection existed between man and nature. This connection is evident in native peoples' incredibly skilled manipulation of materials extracted from the earth, with which they developed works of art of an extraordinary aesthetic value. They created a culture that expressed the point of view of their own communities while at the same time opening up communication between people and nature, making connections between the particular and the universal. They created a new world of "unreality" within the real world, a world of magic. The concept of "magic" permits the transformation of the idea of nature. This does not go against the laws of nature, but is rather an integral part of them. Magic is the natural act made evident through artistic creation and our experience of art. Using rich colors and textures in mixed media, Erick Pichardo creates visual poems that inhabit a dream environment. With symbols and figures out of their natural context, he creates a story of the imagination, told in the language of magical realism that provokes a feeling or delivers a message. He is one of many artists attempting to recreate this ancient, natural magic for the 21st Century.

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