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Jay Riskind


Jay Riskind-Biography:
Jay Riskind, Chicago, IL. M.A.(Photography)-Columbia College, Chicago, M.F.A.(Art and Technology)-School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Instructor, digital imaging, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College, Chicago, 1992-97. Exhibited internationally for over 30 years.

Artist's Statement:
Essentially digital photo montage', my work reflects proto- Christian, pre-Columbian and native American concerns about death, rebirth and the spirit world. Also, as reflected in the Mexican popular graphic arts tradition of satirizing the living in terms of the dead, death is a mirror that reflects the vanity of the living. Modern death is merely one more fact in a world of facts, but a very disagreeable one. It is no longer an access to another life more alive than our own; it is not viewed as a transcendence; death is a word that is bitter on the lips. Nevertheless, death, rebirth (and the possibility of a world of spirits) seduces and facinates us. Life and death are two sides of a single reality and are references to invisible realities.

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