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Marie Schaer


It all began with the fractal shown in the file ams-ani1st.jpg. I was noodling around in Fractint one day and produced this image. The more I looked at it the more things it suggested to me--an animal's skull, a pelvis, so I regenerated it at a higher resoIution, pulled the file into an image processing program & experimented with several filters, I wasn't satisfied with my first efforts, so I started painting (electronically, that is) on the image, resizing it, cutting it up, pasting it back down just as though it was a paper collage, producing anirefle.gif (Anima with Reflections) and Reflect4.gif (Anima), among others. I call the whole series "Anima" --female spirit force. I deliberately didn't try to make the image totally naturalistic--I wanted the tension between the images' computer-made and human-made qualities to be part of the work.

All the images are grayscale because all I had until recently was a grayscale monitor. Although I have been an artist using conventional media for some time, these are my first finished works using a computer. I don't know what I'm going to do next, but look forward to more experimentation and the exchange of ideas with other people travelling a similar road.

To that end, I'm maintaining a home page at It has links to some of my favorite art sites and also a large section of links devoted to technical matters-monitor gamma, graphic file formats, html, etc. While you're there you can jump to Schaer's Portfolio or enjoy some of the fractal eye candy that's located in Schaer's Fractal Experiments.

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