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Gary Schroeder


Okay, here goes...a brief history. I've always "played" with various forms of art, drawing adolescent things like fighter jets during my teens and then migrating on to cartoons in college. None of these things were ever very formal, and I always wondered what would happen if I really put some time into developing what abilities I had. Here on SITO you'll have a chance to find out.

About a year ago I got tired of wondering and made the decision to drop some big money at the art store for some serious supplies. What resulted was a non-stop year of painting and drawing. I began with acrylics, and a few months later moved up to oils. So far I've completed about seven serious paintings and many pen and ink drawings, some of which are posted here.

Currently, I'm working on Long Island, New York as an environmental engineer. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA, a fact which you may pick up on as you got through my files. Hey, if you can't get home, the next best thing to do is paint the places you'd like to be.

By all means, e-mail me with your responses to what you see. SITO has got to be one of the most exciting things I've seen in a long time. Where else can you show your work to the world without a gallery and an agent?

G. Schroeder May 10, 1994

Things posted so far:
6st_bridge.gif		Cars and buses crossing the 6th St. Bridge in
Allisson.gif		Portrait of Alllisson.
Dodger.gif		Old-time Brooklyn Dodger hurling the ball.
Hamilton.gif		Streetcar rounds the street corner in Pgh.
I_like_ike.gif		Who dosen't like Ike?  Here he is in greater
			color than when he was alive.
Mom_dad.gif		Mom and Dad get married in 1966.
Salute.gif		Jumping up and down on the moon.  Wouldn't you?
Space_walk.gif		Astronaut floating in the ether.
Whitey.gif		2nd in the baseball series, and my 2nd favorite.
Royals.gif		3rd in the bball series, and my No. 1 fave.
			Duck!  Here comes the ball!
Grahm.gif		Preacher implores the heavens.
Chaplin.gif		Watercolor of Charlie Chaplin sans moustache.

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