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Steven Hatch


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Currently, I am an Art/Creative Director, Multimedia Designer, Interface Developer, Animator, Programmer, and Net.Junky. I enjoy designing and developing on the cutting-edge of technology. I have a great deal of experience in the development of interactive multimedia presentations, games and kiosks for corporations, consumers and for (of course) myself. I am also a future technologies consultant specializing global networks and immersion interfaces.

Additionally, I have worked on many collaborative art/design projects; ranging from real-time digital image manipulation to underground alternative art magazines.

My experience also include; the development of computer-based sales presentations, kiosks, interactive games, interactive brochures, simulations, on-line hypertext systems, training systems, prototypes, video information bulletin board systems, corporate videos, music videos, print brochures, digital pre-press, 3D/2D animation, logo design, and interactive comic strips. I have designed and developed for a variety of mediums and industries ranging from chemical, agriculture and consumer products to computer softwares, cargo shipping and health care.

I am involved in all facets of the creative and technical development process; including initial storyboarding, creative/art direction, interface design, prototyping, graphic design, programming, animation (2D & 3D), and training. The completed multi-platform projects I have helped create use touch screens, digital video, wide area networks, local area networks and VR controllers for interaction and delivery.

In addition to my expertise in interactive multimedia, I specializes in future technology development. Particularly in the areas of the Internet and VR.

I am currently working on a turn-key commercial world wide web service called ConsumerNet(tm). Which will give consumers access to product and service information. Enabling them to make educated buying descisions.

I work for a company called The Turnaround Team. Turnaround is an eight year old New Jersey based interactive multimedia development and marketing consulting company that specializes in the development and design of business-to-business interactive multimedia applications.


Please contact me for specific permissions: here


SIGGRAPH PixelMush (PixelMush.jpg)
This was created during the SIGGRAPH PANIC session. I was trying to show a coming together of fellow OTISeans during the SIGGRAPH. It was late and I was trying to do my _work-work_ but I was drawn to all the PANIC images I had open in Photoshop. So, my idea was to show a "coming together" ... well, the result is PixelMush. If you look deep into the image, you may be able to see other PANIC images woven in...

Death of Knowledge (DeathOfKnowledge.jpg)
I created this in Fractal Design Painter on the Macintosh. It started out as an icon of Einstein gazing at me from behind a slew of windows on my computer. The inspiration for this image is a bit involved. So, I'll try to cover that another time...just think about it...

Jesus (tom) Lizard (TPS-20-2-SDH.jpg)
This is a manipulation I did of my colleague Thomas Santoriello (PANIC:ID:TPS). It was created during the Cyber(un)Fest PANIC session while I was listening to the band Jesus Lizard. The image originated as a video frame grab I did of Thomas during the night of the PANIC.

P-Board (board-v05.jpg)
This is my tribute to the hype about computer porn. I was inspired by one of Michael Maier images MAM006.jpg I was getting sick of the commercial news media portraying the on-line networks as some kind of conduit for 15-year-old security crackers to use for their own soleless masterbation. Don't believe the hype! (DAMNIT!) (oh...btw...thanks Mike! ;-)

ts.motion+tan-tulips (ts.motion+tan-tulips_SDH.jpg)
A PANIC composite manipulation I did with someones' room photo, TPS' motion image and TAN's tulips photo.

Change Today (tulips4-SDH.JPG)
Another PANIC composite manipulation. I ended up manipulating this image twice. The PANIC:ID's for the others are at the bottom of the image (sorry I forget).

Blue-P (SDH-blueP.jpg)
This composition is from a 3d model of the earth I did a few years ago. During earth day this year I put this pseudo-collage together in tribute...

Titled: Thought (ThinkLongNhard-v01.jpg)
Just a passing thought...

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