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Shawn Granton

Haling from the diminutive State Of Connecticut and now a Citizen of Portland, Oregon, Cascadia, I am currently a freelance artist when I am not working a job that actually pays the bills. I ve been drawing the mini-comic TEN FOOT RULE since 1997, twenty-odd years! Currently I make the bicycle-centric comic NEW OLD STOCK and a few other zines, including some photography related ones. I also do a lot of flyers and such for various projects in Portland and around the world. I ve done illustrations and comics for bicycle magazines like MOMENTUM and BICYCLE TIMES, which are both defunct, alas. I like riding my bike aimlessly around the city or touring long-distance, geeking out about film photography, riding trains [legally], long walks on the beach, sunsets, learning about our urban environment, enjoying quality coffee and beer, and eating too much burritos and pizza. Email me at urbanadventureleague [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com or mail me the old-fashioned way: P O BOX 14185, PORTLAND OR 97293-0185, USA See my landing page link below to get to my presence elsewhere on the internets, like blog, Instagram, and flickr. You can also get to my Big Cartel Shop where you ll find comix, zines, stickers, buttons, postcards, and memberships to esoteric clubs. I m not as active on ye olde SITO as I used to be [sorry, Ed and Jon!] so check that link for the most up-to-date stuff from me. Heck, there s a good chance that you ll see something from the very day you gaze upon it!

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Shawn Granton has 147 works total in the Artchive. They are organized into tag categories you see listed below. Some works appear in multiple categories.

bicycle: 87illustration: 81comic: 57Portland: 56retro-grouch: 28potato people: 18momentum magazine: 10women with stripey socks (and maybe scarves) wearing red Chucks: 9hawthorne hostel: 8drawing: 8Not Portland: 8temporary relocation project: 6civilised cyclist: 6pedalpalooza: 5Elm City: 5women with aviator helmets: 4temporary relocation project: 4shaki: 4punk fucking rock.: 4man-purse: 4Mt. Hood Freeway: 4train: 3three speed: 3screenprint: 3poster: 3iconoclastic musical geniuses: 3argyle socks: 3Amtrak: 3tweed: 2three-speed: 2three speed ride: 2rudge: 2raleigh: 2palm tree: 2five boro bike tour: 2bridge: 2bingo: 2bike touring: 2b:c:clettes: 2zoobomb: 1worksman cycle truck: 1wool wool wool: 1women with stripey tights and boots: 1women with stripey shirts: 1women with argyle socks and Chucks: 1women wearing checkered tights: 1urban: 1tucson (not tucson): 1tucson (not tucson): 1tucson (not tucson): 1tucson: 1trying to act like I'm Roger Dean meets Hayao Masaki meets Vaugh: 1trees: 1too many hats: 1this fuckin' Continental Divide biz-ness: 1this fuckin' Continental Divide biz-ness: 1this fuckin' Continental Divide biz-ness: 1things Van Oast has commented on: 1the iconic figure known to all as Dave Roche: 1the gorge: 1talking raindrops: 1talking raindrops: 1talking raindrops: 1sydney: 1stripes in other locations: 1sprockettes: 1spokecard: 1special guest appearance by Sarah Oleksyk: 1space age secretaries: 1snow: 1shellac: 1seattle randonneurs jersey: 1saddle theft: 1rockies: 1rock legends: 1robot stand-ins for myself: 1rivendell bicycles: 1plaid: 1not punk fucking rock: 1not complaining about the weather: 1not bicycles: 1neon: 1myself wearing either a dress and/or leotards: 1myself wearing either a dress and/or leotards: 1myself wearing either a dress and/or leotards: 1mounties: 1motels: 1mohawks: 1minibike: 1metropolis riffin': 1men with argyle socks: 1male pattern baldness: 1magazine work: 1long haul trucker: 1jan heine: 1iprc: 1hummingbirds: 1guitar: 1grant petersen: 1glacier national park: 1giving the people what they want: 1ferry: 1dramatic-looking early 20th century type design: 1daylight savings time: 1connecticut: 1complaining about the weather: 1coffee: 1buttons: 1brunch: 1brooks saddles: 1brooks saddle: 1brompton: 1bridges: 1bottle dynamo: 1bike dork: 1big heavy wool coats: 1bicycle touring: 1beaver st (yes that's it's real name): 1ballyhoo: 1argyle argyle argyle: 1ansonia: 1all-female bicycle dance teams: 1Windy City: 1Union Station: 1Sturmey-Archer: 1Steel Bridge: 1PacNor: 1Kelly Peach: 1Joan of Arc: 1Gracies: 1Gracie's: 1Empire Builder: 1Earth Day: 1Coen Bros.: 1British Columbia: 1April my sweetie: 1

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