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I am still thinking about this one! Gosh! What does one say about oneself? Female Hippy/Goth who is also a poet and an artist. Lives on the NW coast of UK. I love to "people watch" esp faces, and can't ever imagine not wanting to translate my facination into images on paper. At the moment I have about 5/6 favourite groups of face art that I am producing. A larege amount of it comes under the blanket heading of *Mad Headz* then there are the groups that come within that, eg. *Almost Deco* (I enjoy doing those ones very much). Then there is **Art based on the Green Man,** called, *Leaves and Faces* and other various stylised groups eg. *Dreams and Nightmares* and **Make Up Wars* and of course my *Vamps* And my *Masks and Faces* What I have found over the last 2/3 years of working on these is the fact that dispite the diversity of all these subjects, they have started to overlap whis is quite amazing. PEACE Sylvia

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drawing: 178abstract: 39photomanip: 22fantasy: 21portrait: 6illustration: 6Feelings: 5dream: 4original drawing: 3to record: 2reflection?: 2photo-manip: 2photo: 2obscured by cloud: 2not just colours: 2feelings of peace: 2fantasy images: 2experiments: 2attempts: 2aggressive: 2Wonderment: 2Peaceful: 2Experiment: 21st attempt: 2whatever you see - it is: 1water?: 1very photo-manipulated and: 1very messed about with!: 1unusual colours: 1true life event: 1tried to include: 1thought provoking?: 1the spark of that human being: 1the side effects: 1stoic: 1stand up to: 1so peaceful: 1skin crawling: 1scanned and messed about with: 1scanned: 1restful: 1reflective: 1reflection?: 1quick scan: 1portrait?: 1poem illustration: 1poem illustraition: 1photo-manipulated: 1one of two: 1of some perscription drugs: 1obscured by?: 1messed about with some more in photo-impact: 1messed about with: 1limes and purples: 1itches: 1inspired by: 1in your face art: 1illustration of a funny story: 1illustraition for a poem: 1illusion: 1horror: 1hence the bright eyes: 1gloomy: 1fun art: 1from an original drawing: 1formication: 1flowing: 1feelings of displacement but not actualy caring!: 1fast photo-manip to add light: 1fantasy: 1fantasy: 1fantasy: 1fantasy: 1fanasy: 1fact stranger than fiction: 1even more stylized: 1drawing/sketch: 1doodle: 1death: 1dark and fearful: 1confrontational art: 1confrontational: 1colours highlighted: 1collage: 1but with hope: 1brought up to date: 1blurring of the edges: 1bluring of the edges: 1between reality: 1behind this art work: 1appointment with death: 1angry art: 1and thoughts: 1and imagination: 1abstract drawing of mine: 1abrastract: 1above the norm: 1a reflection: 1a landscape?: 1a fantasy: 1a commenton: 1a comment on: 1Stylized: 1Stylistic: 1Jewelry idea: 1Jewelry Sketch: 1Hard: 1Cold: 1Bitter: 1Appeasement: 1A quick sketch using marker pens: 1A mirror?: 1A map?: 1(re-used) parring it down: 1

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