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Jason M. Smith


I announce a coup d'etat against the evil specters of angst-mongering, diluted sentimentality, and other repulsive outmoded garbage that masquerades as contemporary art. Others use cheesiness without the intention of cheesiness while I am achieving a cheesy candor and vigor with intent. I drive to install the funk by constructing a framework of intelligence disseminated from the popular culture and elements of the sub-pop. This spawns an environment of sophomoric revelry saturated with multilayered paradoxes. It is the notion of funk that bulldozes the tattered facsimiles of history and blurs its parameters so that the ultimate utopian dialogue may transpire. I invite all to multitask their intellects and join in the celebration.

My schooling is a BFA from California State University Fullerton. I am currently living and working as an artist in the Los Angeles area. For more information, comments, or questions send E-mail to: or call (714) 870-4967.

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